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It seems to us . . . Word of caution, avalanche of words, word too soon and word to the unwise

OOPS: It has been little noticed outside the Polish community, but President Obama managed to rub salt into some old wounds when he announced that the United States was dropping its plans for a missile shield based partly in Poland. That Bush administration plan had drawn the ire of Russia, even though it was aimed at preventing missile strikes from Iran.

Say what you want about the move (Obama reaffirmed U.S. support for Poland, and Russia responded by dropping its own plan to put missiles on the Polish border), but someone at the White House should have suggested that Sept. 17 wasn't such a hot date for the announcement. It happened to be the 70th anniversary of the day the Soviets invaded Poland, near the start of World War II.


MORE TALK: Speaking of the president, Obama has delivered more than 300 speeches since he took office. Remember when you had to agonize for weeks just to write one term paper?

More than 130 of those speeches have been about his controversial health care plan. Death panel questions aside, aren't we approaching overkill? No one has a more polished delivery, but constant appearances can dissipate the impact of any presidential speech.


ANOTHER OOPS: No tragedy should be taken lightly, but there was one recently that had an unmistakeable note of irony. At a military parade in Tehran, outlandish President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ranted that the Iranian military stood ready to cut off the hand of any nation that attacked. After which a participating plane from his mishap-plagued air force crashed in farmland near the capital.


EVEN MORE TALK: At the U.N. season opener this week, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi called Obama "our son."

Great. Just what the "birthers" need -- support from Libya. We've lost track of whether those still seeking to declare Obama ineligible for the office he won think he was born in Kenya, Indonesia or some foreign country called Hawaii, so we think we'll sit this Libyan entry out -- unless Moammar can produce a birth certificate.

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