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Television demands keep Bills schedule in flux each week

>Question: Why do the Bills have so many 4 p.m. starts this season?

-- David Klein, Cleveland

Answer: The main reason has to do with television network scheduling. The FOX network is televising two of the Bills' early-season home games, because they feature NFC teams visiting Buffalo. FOX needed another 4 p.m. game in Week Two, because it only had one on the schedule (in San Francisco). Same thing this week; FOX only had one other 4 p.m. game, at Seattle. The Bills are at the Jets at 4:15 p.m. on Oct. 18. CBS shows the national doubleheader that weekend. FOX has the Giants playing at 1 p.m., and CBS probably liked the idea of having the New York market as part of the second half of the doubleheader.


>Q: Will the Super Bowl ever be played in the Rose Bowl again and if not, why?

-- Dennis Mazza, Harker Heights, Texas

A: The Bills were in the last Super Bowl in Pasadena, in January 1993. The past dozen years or so, the NFL has used the Super Bowl frequently as a financing mechanism for teams with new stadiums or a financial bonus to franchises. So that's part of the reason it has been to Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Miami, Jacksonville and Arizona. It's scheduled to hit the new palaces in Indianapolis and Dallas.

The Rose Bowl has played host to five Super Bowls, but there are no plans to renovate it for an NFL team, and the amenities there aren't as attractive as in the new facilities. It was considered as a short-notice site in February 2002 when the league wasn't sure if it could play in New Orleans because of a scheduling conflict in the wake of the 9/1 1 attacks. There is a chance the league will bring the game back to L.A. in 2016 for Super Bowl L, the 50th anniversary. There's a proposal before the league to do it.


>Q: Most people know that dark colored clothing absorbs the sun (and heat), while light colors reflect the sun. Why don't the Bills wear their white uniforms at home for the September games when we often get sunny, 80 degree days?

-- Dennis Weber, Buffalo

A: The Bills players like the all-blue uniform combination. While you're right about dark clothing, the attitude of the team is the uniform's affect on dehydration is basically nil. The players need to hydrate all week long, starting on Monday.

That point is hammered away at them, and players can be seen drinking bottles of Pedialyte in the locker room all week long. The team's approach is if they're hydrating properly, they won't have a problem with cramps and fatigue. If they're not hydrating properly, they're going to have a problem.


>Q: An overtime idea: Team A wins coin flip. Team A gets the choice of placing the ball OR offense/defense. If Team A chooses offense/defense, Team B chooses where to put the ball. Let's say Team B selects the 15-yard line going the long length of the field. Then Team A must decide whether to play offense or defense. What do you think?

-- Ray Orrange, Tonawanda

A: I love it. It's too unconventional, I think, for the NFL. But it makes sense to me. I don't like changing the rule to automatically give each team a possession.

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