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The Buzz

The village people

How do you know when you've gone on too many Forgotten Buffalo tours? When you have no time for a drink because you're too busy checking to see if a tavern meets Forgotten Buffalo's Historic Tavern criteria. At the Village Inn in Akron, Buzz ignored the waitress as we ran down the checklist. Name reflects location? Check. On residential street? Check. Curb appeal? We went outside and admired the vintage sign. Check. Atmosphere? Check. (Guy Boleri even plays piano on Fridays.) Big fattening fish fry on Friday? Check. Barroom and men's room in front, dining room and ladies' room in back? Check. Speaking of which, a stranger, seeing our wandering eyes, asked if we were looking for the ladies' room. No, we said, and began explaining what we were doing. He shook his head and went back to his beer. These city folk ...


The acme

You knew that eventually it would happen -- and lo, now there is a band named Acme Nipple, after the manufacturer on Elmwood Avenue just north of Hertel. Tenor sax man Kelly Bucheger (the self-described "manly-male-type person with the girly name") will be testing the band, and the name, at 10 p.m. Friday at the Allen Street Hardware Company, at which time Acme Nipple will be playing music by Monk and Horace Silver. Hmmmm. Jazz is all about musical possibility, and Buffalo is rich in that. How about a band named for Curtis Screw? Or our favorite, Hohl Industrial Services. With apologies to Courtney Love, could we call it simply "Hohl"?


A folkie farewell

The hardest part about losing Mary from Peter, Paul and Mary was having to console Buffalo's biggest fan, Channel 2 sports czar Ed Kilgore. As soon as the news broke,notes of condolence, including one from Buzz, began appearing on Kilgore's Facebook page. Eventually Kilgore made a statement, as we figured he would. "Funny, 'cause as time goes by I realize what polar opposites we were politically, but I actually had a good discussion with the three of them backstage at Shea's after one of their concerts," he wrote. "I loved their music, but also appreciated the fact they didn't get their message out by being disrespectful and mean-spirited." Ed, we hope you will continue wearing your signature turtlenecks, in her memory.


The buzz

What was with WNED-TV's "Orchard Park: Our Town"? Among all-too-brief clips of the Meeting House and Four Corners, they blew 15 minutes on the town's compost program! This beautiful town, and they're showing bulldozers. Buzz kept wanting to adjust our set. .. Seen on our now-weekly trip to James Desiderio & Sons, Nietzsche's owner Joe Rubino, looking tanned and outdoorsy, picking up grapes to make Muscatel. "I just make the old Italian stuff," he said. ... That is Babik, isn't it, doing George Michael's "I'm Never Gonna Dance Again"? We heard it Saturday on WBFO FM 88.7 and cracked up.



"They finally did it !!! 1st time I put my inflatable bills player out 4 a game they actually WON, now all my neighbors R demanding I do it every week it does light up 2 they hope hope it works."

-- Fan rejoicing on Facebook after Sunday Bills win

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