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Keeping you healthy.

   If it costs a health insurance company money to get you well, doesn't it make sense that it would do something to keep you from getting sick in the first place? The argument that only two groups on earth - your dependents and the federal government - would gain later by keeping you healthier now is the idea behind single-payer/public-option health care positions. [I'm still trying to find the Michael Kinsley column that made this argument very well.]


   But today's Buffalo News Business Today section features one health insurer's attempt to cut costs later by keeping people well now:
- Univera’s office fitness program puts employees in the rider’s seat - Jonathan D. Epstein/The Buffalo News
   The Williamsville-based health insurer, the smallest of the three big insurers locally, has launched a new program to encourage physical activity and fitness at work, in the hope of eventually introducing it to their employer clients.

- Time for e-records is now, but it isn't easy - Henry L. Davis/The Buffalo News
   Hospitals, doctors and health insurers here have taken a big step in a regional initiative that will enable them to electronically exchange records of patients and see that information from a computer screen anywhere — just like bank customers who use different ATMs.
Percentage uninsured here below state, U. S. - Henry L. Davis/The Buffalo News
   ...Still, the 10.3 percent of uninsured residents in Niagara County and 7.2 percent in Erie County represent a large number—86,123 people. That remains a source of concern for those advocating an expansion of insurance coverage as Congress debates health reform.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

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