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Read that? Read this.

   If you read this in The Buffalo News the other day [and, of course, you did]:


- Study is critical of Jamestown ‘clean coal’ plant plans
   Cost of electricity from Jamestown’s proposed “clean coal” power plant would be nearly 10 times more expensive than what is now obtained through hydropower, according to a study released Thursday by more than 20 national, regional and statewide environmental groups.

   Then you should also read this from today's New York Times:

- Refitted to Bury Emissions, Plant Draws Attention 
   NEW HAVEN, W.Va. — Poking out of the ground near the smokestacks of the
Mountaineer power plant here are two wells that look much like those that draw natural gas to the surface. But these are about to do something new: inject a power plant’s carbon dioxide into the earth.

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

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