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By the numbers.

   The centerpiece of today's Buffalo News Business Today section:
- Census data reflects recessionary ripples
    The recession is profoundly disrupting American life: More people are delaying marriage and homebuying, turning to car pools yet getting stuck in ever-worse traffic, staying put rather than moving to new cities....
   Findings come from the annual American Community Survey, a sweeping look at life built on information from 3 million households.

   Newspapers around the country have jumped on this data, with different papers stressing different points.


- Area's mental health much worse than before Katrina, experts say - New Orleans Times-Picayune.
- 1 in 6 uninsured in Colorado - The Denver Post
- We're struggling -- and fleeing Florida - The Orlando Sentinel
  [And you thought only Buffalo was losing population.]
- Foreign-born population dips in South Florida - The Miami Herald
- Life gets less comfy in Indiana - The Indianapolis Star
- Census survey offers 2008 snapshot of Utah - The Salt Lake Tribune
- O.C. faces long commutes, falling home values - The Orange County Register
Personal income erodes in Michigan - The Detroit News
- Big cities behind in health care coverage - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News  

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