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Surrendering to Google

All previous attempts and systems to keep our family organized have failed. So now we've looked at cloud computing from both sides now, from up and down, and still somehow have decided to let Google rule our lives.

Our family schedule is now fully integrated on Google calendar, and it's handy, I must say, to quote Ed Grimley.

Our school prompted this move to cloud computing by publishing all events via Google Calendar, and now they magically appear on our schedule. Then Greg loaded in the Bills calendar and U.S. holidays, and I threw in Canadian holidays, too. Don't want to drive to Ikea again only to find stores closed for some random provincial holiday like we did earlier this year.

So here's the concept. You create a Google account, give everyone in the family the login and password, and tell them to put any and all games, parties, events, meetings, dinners, doctor's appointments on Google calendar. Our plan is to have a family meeting every Sunday to go over it. Anything not put on the calendar is not recognized as an officially sanctioned event by parents.

This Sunday was family meeting No. 1, which revealed we had a conflict or two and we sorted it out civilly. Since kids love computers, they are much more reliable about entering events on Google than on our lame paper calendar. So far so good.

There are all kinds of calendars you can import. Since I am in my honeymoon planning phase, I am over-adopting this technology and have just added rather useless applications such as Phases of the Moon and Star Dates to our calendar. Not sure my life will be improved by knowing whether it's Waxing or Waning Gibbous time, but what the heck.

I hope this cloud has a silver lining for this family.


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