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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks all 30 MLB teams

(Through Thursday's games; last week in parentheses)

1 New York Yankees. Posada foolishly lost his mind. (1)

2 Los Angeles Dodgers. Ethier leads majors with six walkoff hits. (4)

3 Los Angeles Angels. Ump-whining won't help you win in Boston. (3)

4 Boston Red Sox. Can't play all your playoff games in Fenway. (5)

5 Philadelphia Phillies. Hamels heating up at perfect time. (7)

6 St. Louis Cardinals. Holliday getting ready for big pay day. (2)

7 Colorado Rockies. Street could return today. (6)

8 Texas Rangers. Nice run but hopes are over. (8)

9 San Francisco Giants. Uphill battle to catch Rox. (9)

10 Detroit Tigers. Wonderful tribute to Harwell in his final days. (10)

11 Atlanta Braves. Big surprise to see them 10 games over .500. (13)

12 Florida Marlins. Gonzalez should get plenty of Manager of the Year votes. (11)

13 Chicago Cubs. Knee injury is Bradley's latest issue. (12)

14 Seattle Mariners. Career hit 2,010 for Ichiro wins 14-inning thriller. Good omen for next year? (14)

15 Minnesota Twins. Mauer & Co. have managed to hang around. (16)

16 Tampa Bay Rays. Prospect Watch: Durham wins third IL title. (15)

17 Milwaukee Brewers. Ex-Griff Axford makes MLB debut on Wrigley mound. Cool. (19)

18 Chicago White Sox. Ozzie: "They give up on me, then I give up on them." Fair enough. (17)

19 Houston Astros. Back pain shuts down Oswalt for the season. (18)

20 Cincinnati Reds. Gomes gets 20th HR in bounceback season. (20)

21 Toronto Blue Jays. Carlson had his hitters' backs -- and nearly Posada's. (21)

22 Oakland Athletics. Don't seem to have many great prospects. (25)

23 San Diego Padres. Only remaining goal: Stay out of NL West cellar. (22)

24 Arizona Diamondbacks. Reynolds cracks 200 strikeouts again. (23)

25 New York Mets. Not-so-Amazins' come to Cleveland next June in ex-Bison Bowl. (24)

26 Cleveland Indians. The end seems near for old friend Eric Wedge. (26)

27 Baltimore Orioles. Wieters looks as good as his billing. (27)

28 Kansas City Royals. Imagine how bad they'd be without Greinke. (28)

29 Pittsburgh Pirates. Don't have to imagine at all. They're bad. (29)

30 Washington Nationals. Leaving nothing to the imagination on road to 105 losses. (30)

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