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It seems to us . . . Buffalo stylin', stumping Obama and another plate of chicken wings

PICTURE PERFECT: We're thinking of dressing up more often, when we're just hanging around town. That's because you never know these days when you might show up on the silver screen -- or the flat screen, for that matter.

Lately, Buffalo-Niagara has had a spate of public exposure. We mean that in a good way. There was the taping of an episode of NBC's "The Office" and some scenes from a movie being done by a film producer from India, and then Keanu Reeves was in town scouting locations.

Keanu even got into the county jail, something even the Justice Department hasn't been able to do. Famed author Jack London spent some time in the county slammer in an earlier era, but that wasn't voluntary. Anyway, we hope Keanu comes back. Meantime, smile.


HARD SELL: After a summer of sometimes-raucous town hall meetings on health care reform, during which the wheels fell off the high-speed Obama bandwagon, the president has been forced into his own intensive push to regain political momentum. He followed his Sept. 9 speech to Congress with, among other things, a huge health care rally in Minnesota, a talk to the AFL-CIO and a campus rally at the University of Maryland. And he's been twittering -- or is that tweeting? -- about health care as well, and this weekend will do a marathon of five Sunday-morning TV talk shows.

In between, he has visited Wall Street to advance his other current major push, regulatory reform to help economic recovery. And, oh, yeah, he's due soon in the foreign policy thicket of the U.N. opening session and next week's G-20 trade summit in Pittsburgh. Tough kickoff, for the fall political-football season.


DO THE MATH: We really missed our vacationing editorial cartoonist last week -- because he has a math degree, and it was glaringly obvious that we don't.

In a chicken wing festival item in this space, we correctly figured the number of chickens it takes to garner a pound of chicken wings, but then we divided when we should have multiplied. It was indeed painful. We came up with a paltry 40,000 chickens instead of the correct 160,000 for 40 tons.

The right answer would have made the joke even better, so we feel obliged to take a cut in celery for the error. We're better at governmental budgets -- they don't use real arithmetic, either.

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