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Plenty to say

Theatergoers of the world, unite.

That might as well be the mantra of Milwaukee-based Insurgent Theatre, which drops by Nobodys (1121 Elmwood Ave.) at 8 tonight to present a one-act anti-capitalist critique called "Ulysses Crewmen."

Troupe co-founder Ben Turk's 60-minute piece finds a man bound, gagged and subjected to the questions and musings ("The profound hypocrisy of bourgeois civilization lies unveiled before our eyes!") of a fuming interlocutor. It takes its cues from the mutinies of Homer's "Odyssey," transposes them to modern times and thus offers up a vituperative exploration of themes including terrorism, globalization and the underhanded aims of modern-day bureaucracies.

"Insurgent Theatre secedes from ineffectual political processes," a release about the show claims. "We join the struggle against imperial political economies arranged by bureaucratic trade regimes that make us all complicit in the exploitation and destruction of others. We use Homer's 'Odyssey' as a framework to stage these struggles as a single claustrophobic scene between two people, one of whom is bound and gagged."

For more information on the play, which visits Buffalo for one night only, visit

-- Colin Dabkowski

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