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Where the weird things are

When one imagines the end of the world, one often pictures remains of skyscrapers, cars and homes abandoned, and little or no human life.

This would be an exact description of the postapocalyptic world in the new ?lm, "9". However, we don't often picture small rag dolls being the only intelligent life remaining on the planet. The story of these rag dolls, or "stitchpunks," was ?rst created in 2005 for a short ?lm by director Shane Acker. When production began for the full-length ?lm, Tim Burton was recruited as an executive producer. Together, the team created an intense, different, and just plain weird ?lm.

The movie begins when the last of the stitchpunks, 9 (Elijah Wood), wakes to ?nd himself alone in a dark room, unable to speak. As he studies the ravaged world an old but kind inventor. Two, fascinated by 9's incredible design, repairs his voice mechanism and leads him through the rubble.

Not soon after, the pair is attacked by a cat-like, mechanical beast. It seizes 2 and carries him away to a nearby machine factory. As 9 discovers more stitchpunks, he is determined to rescue 2 and overthrow the league of deadly machines.

Although the objective of the stitchpunks changes frequently, the events in the movie correspond very well together, making it easy to understand and entertaining to watch.

The overall design and animation used in the ?lm was identical to the style used in the short ?lm. However, it was far more detailed. Tim Burton's unusual animation style was very evident in some scenes. Fans of his past ?lms would enjoy the collaboration between his bizarre composition and Acker's animation style. Danielle Grimm is a freshman at Clarence High School.


Review: 1 star (Out of four)

Rated: PG-13

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