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Thursday Night Live: Week Three special edition

I can't resist the chance of checking out three 2-0 teams in action, so I'll be blogging live tonight -- I'm going to start at Williamsville South hosting Williamsville North and then move on down Main Street to Hamburg at Amherst.

We'll see what kind of highlights I'll be able to post via video and pictures -- and oh yeah, good old-fashioned words!

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* * * 

9:06 p.m. Hello from the front seat of my car on Westmoreland Road in Amherst, strategically located where I can see the scoreboard, which reads Hamburg 26, Amherst 0 with 4:21 left in the game.

My apologies for not posting something sooner, but I've been iPhone-video-ing plays and traveling around. The YouTube was on the blink for a while as well, so I only was able to upload a highlight just seconds ago.

The play I uploaded was the fourth touchdown for Williamsville South, which had a 29-7 lead when I left with 7:04 left in the second quarter at 8:02 p.m. The video of the play is above -- Joe Licata with his third touchdown of the game.

Will South had a slower start than I expected as the Billies committed several penalties in a flag-filled game. Will North didn't look too bad -- it went on a decent scoring drive but eventually Licata was too much for them.

When I arrived at Amherst, Hamburg had a 13-0 lead as the third quarter just got under way (both games started at 7, but all those flags slowed things down at South. I got from South to Amherst in about 10 minutes of parking spot-to-parking spot drive time.

9:15 p.m. We have a FINAL SCORE at Amherst: Hamburg 26, Amherst 0. Hamburg is 3-0.

Hamburg looked too tough inside, with Amherst not able to create holes or protect quarterback Justin Jenkins. The Bulldog players were fired up, making noise and having fun on the field -- understandably so because they were all over the Tigers.

Hamburg was also too much on offense, grinding out yards and moving the ball fairly easily. I'll have more video highlights posted soon. Got some good ones today -- it was the perfect storm since I was able to spend some time just roaming the sidelines hoping that teams would have big plays (and run to my side of the field).

When I arrived at Amherst, Hamburg gave me a great one -- a halfback option pass for a touchdown to take a 19-0 lead with nine minutes left in the third quarter (below).

More highlights and details to come.

* * *

Been working on getting this straight for much of the night.

Joe Licata of Williamsville South threw for a WNY-record 522 yards in tonight's 62-32 victory over Williamsville North. 

More details will be updated in that story, video highlights of the historic night will be posted ASAP.

* * *

If you were at any of the Thursday games, give us a report in the comments section below.

* * * 

Here are additional highlights from Williamsville South's win over Williamsville North:

A great hit by Tyler Krempa of South just as North quarterback Zach Barrett let go of a pass (above).

North tries to make a game of it with a screen pass touchdown in the second quarter.

Will North got some momentum going with this tackle for loss.

* * * 

Hamburg pressures the Amherst passing game (above) ...

... and more pressure yields an interception.

Hamburg scores its third touchdown on a QB keeper.

An up-close view of Amherst getting the next kickoff.

Another nice view as Hamburg does some tough running.

* * *

I can't get over my unbelievable timing. I walked out of the South game with the Billies having taken a 29-7 lead with 7:04 left in the second quarter and things apparently heading towards blowout-ville.

But North scored three touchdowns -- and South two -- in that last 7:04! What?

It was a two-score game at halftime (16 points) and Licata broke the record in the third quarter, which should shut up the whiners (there's already been one) saying that this is a run-up-the-score deal.

I'm still amazed that so much action went down in the time I left. However, I did get to see -- and capture on video via the iPhone -- a lot of Licata's big plays. 

---Keith McShea

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