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SAT score is your own business

Dear My Two Cents:Do I have to share my SAT and ACT scores with my friends and classmates? Ever since the results came in, I have been pestered by my peers with questions about what my score was. Personally, I am not overly happy with how I did on the tests, and plan on taking them again in the fall to see if I can improve. In the meantime, how do I respond to their constant questioning without looking like a jerk?

-- Mary Kate, Depew

Mom: Your readiness for college is not the only thing being tested right now, my dear! Apparently so is your preparation to deal with potentially embarrassing questions. Many folks have an inordinate curiosity about others' performance just to gauge how well they are doing by comparison. DO NOT FEED THIS MONSTER! Rather, when asked about your score, practice the fine art of the brief response: "I received the score I deserved." If that fails, deflect the conversation back to them: "Wow! It seems those scores sure are important to you. How do you ever sleep at night?"

Tay: First of all, I agree with you. I greatly dislike these questions from other people, especially when it's not a score you'd like to share. It's your business, and you have the right to keep them to yourself. However, saying that to someone with the death glare probably isn't the best idea. Your best bet is to just shrug and quickly change the subject. If they persist, simply say you didn't get the best score in the world and let that be the end of the discussion, make it clear you want them to stop asking. Don't let them pressure you into anything and don't fret, post-SAT scores mania will end soon enough.

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