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Doing your part to saving Mother Earth, one lunch at a time

All right, everyone has heard about global warming and what we can do to help the environment. Well, there is a really simple way for anyone to get involved. It's easy, and it will end up saving you money in the end. Carrying a reusable lunch box instead of brown bagging your lunch.

I know, carrying a lunch box to school every day? It sounds kind of lame, but I promise you lunch boxes are pretty cool. They come in all sorts of sizes and colors. There's one for everybody. And you can buy them pretty much anywhere. You can get them online or in the grocery store. They run anywhere from $7.99 to $15. It just depends on what kind you want. They come in prints, solid colors, pretty much any way you might be looking for.

And they don't even look like lunch boxes. I have a small one in green. My friend thought it was a purse the first day I brought it to school! But don't worry, boys, you can buy one that has no resemblance to a purse. Like I said, they come in solid colors. So don't worry about carrying a lunch box to school. These lunch boxes are way cooler than a brown bag.

I asked a few people what they thought of these recyclable lunch bags.

One friend said, "Recently I saw the reusable lunch boxes shaped and designed as though to look like women's purses. These cool, new, innovative, reusable lunch boxes are an excellent way to prevent brown bags from being put into landfills."

Another friend said, "Reusable lunch boxes are a good way to save money. You spend seven bucks or so at one time instead of constantly having to buy brown bags every few weeks."

Think about it. You take your lunch to school in a brown bag each day. That's five brown bags each week. With almost 40 weeks in the school year, that's about 200 bags a year. For just one person. You also have to factor in most of the other kids at your school.

That's a lot. Plus, if you take your lunch in a lunch box with an ice pack, it will keep your lunch cold. If you take it in a brown bag, your lunch ends up warm and gross. Who wants that?

Carrying a reusable lunch box is a great way to help the environment. They're cool, stylish, save you money, and keep your lunch cold at the same time. Besides, it's way cooler to save the environment than to fill it with brown bags.

Rachael TenBroeck is a junior at Hamburg High School.

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