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.. and all the stats are better than expected.

   All the economic stats are "better than expected." Sort of like Garrison Keillor's "all the children are above average."

- Retail sales boost hopes for recovery, but with caveatSales
    Hopes for an economic recovery drew support Tuesday from retail sales figures that topped expectations. [Commerce Department/Census Bureau report.] More from Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal.  

- Industrial production better than expected in Aug
    Industrial companies boosted production more than expected in August, making more cars, clothing and other goods in the early stages of a broad economic recovery. [Federal Reserve report.] More from Reuters.

   Meanwhile, China now holds $800.5 billion in U.S. debt. [Treasury Department report.]

   And, oh, yes, The Fed says the recession is over. Unless you are looking for a job. [OECD report and video.]

-- George Pyle/The Buffalo News

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