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Leno Debut Is a Mess

If any community needed a big laugh or two from Jay Leno after the Buffalo Bills lost another Monday Night heartbreaker, it was Western New York.

Unfortunately, the premiere of Leno's endlessly promoted new 10 p.m. NBC program Monday was almost as big a mess as the Bills were in the final five minutes of their 25-24 loss to New England.

Leno was almost as rusty as Channel 2's John Beard on his Monday debut. Leno's opening monologue was routine, his chat with first guest Jerry Seinfeld wasn't much better and his sit-down with beleaguered Kanye West was awkward.

Dan Finnerty of Bath, New York provided a musical filmed piece at a car wash that probably sounded funnier than it played out and Leno faked an interview with President Obama. The host asked fake questions and then aired clips of the president answering questions from a real journalist. I've seen ads for beer with NFL coaches that are funnier.

And at the end, Leno aired his moldy "Tonight Show" bit in which he takes silly Headlines and mistakes from newspapers and hopes to get laughs. 

In a way, Seinfeld probably spoke for all viewers when he came out for the interview and told Leno: "I'm trying to grasp what is going on here."

Maybe Leno was too busy making all those promos to have the time to make his debut more entertaining. But things better get better quickly.

What did you think of Leno's opener?

-- Alan Pergament  

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