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How The News voted: Week Two

Two weeks down, five to go in the Section VI regular season. Some poll picks are easy, some are impossible.

Every week nine voters participate in The News' large and small school polls. Here's this week's poll.

We have one vote in each poll. Here's our ballot from Week One, and here's this week's:

1. Orchard Park (2-0) [last week: 1] - A more typical win by OP against Jamestown, just wearing teams down and taking care of business.

2. Sweet Home (2-0) [2] - These top two stay here, no matter how many points other teams score.

3. North Tonawanda (1-0) [3] - You were saying? 63-0 still deserves a "wow." And it still deserves this line, which I'll repeat from my "Friday Night Live" post: The good news is that WGR is doing high school football. The bad news is that they picked North Tonawanda's home game against Williamsville North, which was a blowout waiting to happen."

4. Lancaster (2-0) [4] - More business being taken care of. Up next for the Redskins is Frontier, which might warrant me staying at just (!) one game this Friday night..

5. Williamsville South (2-0) [5]- Highly recommend checking out the Billies at 4:30 p.m. Thursday as they host North. Uh-oh. Could be another big number for North.

6. Iroquois (2-0) [6] - Welcome to the much murkier half of this ballot. So much yet to learn about teams ...

7. St. Francis (2-0) [7] - Dominated a decent O'Hara team after Hawks scored on first play.

8. Canisius (0-2) [8] - We say any other potential No. 8 would be 0-2 against Aquinas and St. Ignatius, too. The poll math says we're the only one who voted for Canisius. What a shocker. Thank goodness for Section VI-Monsignor Martin Association nonleague games, Part I: Crusaders host a Jamestown team that has lost at home to NT and at OP so far -- which might make Jamestown's two-game schedule the toughest in Western New York, aside from Canisius, of course.

9. Frontier (2-0) [NR] - Big one at Lancaster Friday.

10. Lockport (1-1) [10] - All credit to Hamburg for the nice start, but we can't knock one of these teams out in favor of the Bulldogs.

Small schools

1. Southwestern (2-0) [1] - Before you see them at the Ralph, see them (and UB-targeted Jasen Carlson) Saturday at St. Mary's. Thank goodness for Section VI-Monsignor Martin Association nonleague games, Part II.

2. Lackawanna (2-0) [3] - I'm still surprised I showed up at their game and they were losing to Pioneer. But just too many questions about other teams in the top 10 -- the Steelers' name recognition (and their Section VI title from last year) get them this spot.

3. Cheektowaga (2-0) [5] - In a hard-to-feel-your-way-through poll, we like giving teams credit for nonleague wins over AA schools. Not the hugest win, and Cheektowaga isn't the smallest B, but still substantive.

4. Cleveland Hill (2-0) [4] - Saturday they host a Eden team that isn't your older brother's Eden team. 

5. Depew (2-0) [6] - Might not know if they belong this high until Week Five (home vs. Cheektowaga).

6. Cassadaga Valley (2-0) [7] - Only given up seven points.

7. Cardinal O'Hara (1-1) [8] - Any other small school loses at St. Francis, so we'll keep them here.

8. St. Mary's (1-1) [10] - Saturday will likely mark a season-long barometer for where (or if) the Catholic schools stack up on this ballot.

9. Frewsburg (2-0) [NR] - You beat Maple Grove, you get in the poll (and Randolph and Maple Grove don't).

10. Burgard (1-0) [NR] - You beat Riverside, you get in the poll. Note to fans of teams that aren't on this ballot -- you gotta beat somebody to deserve a spot in the poll.

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---Keith McShea

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