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A quick -- very quick -- look inside Canisius' field house

I was about to embark on my "Friday Night Live" blog-a-thon when I stopped by Canisius High to check out its new Bernard J. Kennedy Field House (which Mary Jo Monnin wrote about today).

It was very impressive -- and very shiny. The entrance is quite striking, and it creates quite the juxtaposition with the entrance to the auditorium that I've been used to walking in. On the left, you see classic, historic, and doors big enough that it feels like you're entering a castle. On the right, you see sleek, silver, glass -- you actually see right into the facility.

My latest experiment with iPhone video was to give people an idea what it is like to walk into the new place -- except I didn't plan on dudes walking out while I was walking in. Anyways, here's a look. The Prep Talk blog bears no responsibility for any motion sickness incurred by this video.

Here's what Canisius winning a point in the new field house looks like -- it came after a nice rally which featured a diving dig.

The video was shot from a cool balcony that looks out on to the gym floor. It should make for quite the sight during a heated Canisius-St. Joe's hoop game, with all the seats filled right up to the balcony.

---Keith McShea

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