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Parking on Sweet Home is questioned Fix It / What needs repairing around Buffalo Niagara

Drivers who travel along Sweet Home Road in Amherst have expressed some concern about parking on the road, especially in the area between Heritage Heights Elementary School and North French Road.

"As far as I can tell, there are no signs about parking at all," one reader said. "It's a four-lane highway, and there is no shoulder."

He said that with the speed limit there at 45 mph, it can be dangerous to suddenly come upon a parked car.

Fix It was unable to reach Traffic Division Capt. Patrick M. McKenna on Friday, but we did talk to Headquarters Lt. Paul Fels on Saturday. He immediately sent a car to check out the situation.

"That area is not posted for parking, so it is not illegal to park there," he said after having it checked out. He did not think that parking in that area was much of a problem.

"It doesn't happen often," he said. In fact, when it was checked out Saturday, there were no vehicles parked on the road at all, except for a mail truck.

Even if residents were concerned enough about the issue, the Police Department couldn't just make a change, he said.

McKenna would have to bring the issue before the town's Safety Board, which would then refer it to the state.

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