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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County clerk's office for the week ending July 31.


Saunders Settlement Road & Campbell Blvd., Warren D. Greig; Joan B. Greig to Dawn Til Dusk Cafe Llc, $106,000.


Hartland Road, Sharon L. Schuck to Betty Parlier, $12,500.


Perry Court, Sheila M. O'Keefe to Peggy S. Hassey; Joseph C. Hassey, $240,000.

Ridge Road, Dolores A. Bower to Shirley Wollenzien; Lothar Wollenzien, $221,000.

Coach Houses at Ridgeview/Unit 111, Paula Bergman; Pauline T. Weppner to Sharon M. Alex; Joseph A. Alex, $150,000.

4667 Creek Road, Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp. to John-Paul Gaughan, $109,000.

Oak Run Drive, Northwest Development Group Inc. to Stephanie Churakos; George Churakos, $52,000.


Market St., Gerald Edbauer; Ashlee Edbauer to Andrew R. Schmidt; Bridget A. Breczka, $92,000.

80 Outwater Drive, Rachel E. Cleary to HUD, $86,216.

Gaffney Road, Florence E. Genet to Erika Laport, $85,500.

Waterman St., Heather Culverwell to Stephanie L. Wheeler; Jason D. Wheeler, $75,000.

Carolina Ave., Robert F. Ernst to Katherine A. Hedley, $63,825.

Pound & South St., Timothy M. Cantlon; Cheryl L. Cantlon to Jason T. Walling, $59,500.

55 South Bristol Ave., HUD to Brett M. Esch, $16,100.


Lockport Junction Road & Crown Drive & Enterprise Drive, Town of Lockport Industrial Development Agency to Yahoo Inc., $450,000.

Collins Drive & Creek Hollow, Vanderbilt Properties Inc. to Patricia McCabe; Kevin McCabe, $250,000.

Wick Road, John Farino; Wendy Farino to Janelle R. Bitterman, $142,000.

Beattie Ave., Edward F. Litz; Anne B. Litz to Scott F. Noah, $126,500.

Lincoln Ave., Frances Schaffert; Michael J. Schaffert; John L. Schaffert to Harold Flick; Ruby Flick, $95,000.


Main St., Joyce A. Clare to Renee M. Lasker, $116,500.

Lockport St., Lisa Rocklein Sullivan; Anita M. Reid; Diane Rocklein Fletcher; Danielle E. Parker to Olcott Fire Co. Inc., $83,000.


Niagara Falls Blvd., Vicelima Ltd. to Peter K. Vaccaro, $175,000.

Parkard Road & Woodland Ave., Michael Palazzo; Vandy Palazzo to Barbara Winstanley, $132,000.

217 Beckwith Ave., Marjory G. Carlson; Deborah Hansen; Adele C. Shipston to Vincent B. Depadre, $81,500.

4529 Fox Ave., Vincent D. Carr to Taylor Bean; Whitaker Mortgage Corp., $59,146.


Niagara Falls Blvd., Lounge Laundry; James R. Gleeson to 9545 Niagara Falls Blvd. Llc, $600,000.

Dorchester Road, Frantisek Plessl; Patricia G. Plessl to Androulla Lazarou; Nick A. Zarrillo, $111,750.

59th St., Kristin Canada; Kristin B. Ripson to Joshua J. Mayes; Ashley R. Mayes, $79,500.

92nd St., Matthew Perry Marion; Matthew P. Marion to Nina M. Calarco, $79,000.

91st St., Joseph Marohn to Katherine M. Ventry, $72,100.

80th St., Lawrence D. Waala to Jacqueline A. Mercer, $67,500.

Lasalle Ave., Compass Real Property Inc. to 2450 Lasalle Avenue Trust, $64,500.

Monroe Ave., Compass Real Property Inc. to KL Monroe, $64,500.

423 18th St., Wesley Harvey; Bridget Harvey; Bridget A. Harvey; Wesley J. Harvey to HSBC Bank, $57,254.

Pine Ave., James J. Ingrasci to Thomas S. Deal, $49,000.

2944 South Ave., Mellon Bank of New York to Gina Virtuoso; Dennis Virtuoso, $47,000.

Hyde Park Blvd., Frances M. Ganci to Nelson Ramos, $42,500.

Linwood Ave., Michael Greenawalt to Ashley Yuan, $40,000.

23rd St., Laurie A. Navarro; Jorge L. Navarro to David G. Ramirez, $34,600.

8121 Valle Drive/Unit A-5, J. Ronald Cicero; Marilyn H. Cicero to Michael DePasquale, $34,000.

Orleans Ave., Michael Greenawalt to Bah Investments, $30,000.

80th St., Michael Greenawalt to Haylor Properties Llc, $27,000.

Independence Ave., Samuel J. Burruano; Albert A. Burruano to Michael Greenawalt, $27,000.

Walnut Ave., Anita Giandomenico; Patsy Frank Desimone; Diane D. Fire; Gian Giandomenico to Anita M. Giandomenico, $26,000.

2987 Mckoon Ave., Susan Knight to HSBC Bank USA National Association, $25,500.

Michigan Ave., Bah Investments to Michael Greenawalt, $25,000.

Michigan Ave., Michael Greenawalt to Bah Investments, $25,000.

5667 Frontier Ave., HUD to William J. Maxwell, $24,312.

4014 Bell St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael Greenawalt, $24,250.

Main St., Cornelia at Bushwick Llc to Nathania Llc, $22,000.

1812 Michigan Ave., Michael Greenawalt to Haylor Properties Llc, $20,000.

27th St., Shelor Llc to William Street, $20,000.

17th St., Michael Greenawalt to Haylor Properties Llc, $17,000.

39th St., Linda Webb Laub; Floris R. Webb; Rose P. Webb to Michael J. Sharpe, $15,000.

8th St., Michael Greenawalt to Haylor Properties Llc, $15,000.

East Falls St., Michael Greenawalt to Haylor Properties Llc, $15,000.

Elmwood Ave., Joseph Rauccio; John M. Aversa to Karen Stein, $15,000.

12Th St., Leocadia Wasiak; Felix A. Wasiak to Upstate Development Group Llc, $11,000.

10th St., Christopher Connelly to Haylor Properties Llc, $10,000.

1856 Cleveland Drive, Christopher Connelly to Haylor Properties Llc, $10,000.

Michigan Ave., Christopher Connelly to Properties Haylor, $10,000.

117 70th St., HUD to Gregory Marshall, $8,500.

19th St., Jerry Chapman; Emma Chapman to Haylor Properties Llc, $7,500.

Michigan Ave., Jerry Chapman; Emma Chapman to Haylor Properties Llc, $7,500.


Ohio Ave., Ben Mikosz; Mark E. Kaczor to Christopher F. Cote, $82,000.

98 Oakwood Ave., Jon Peter Couch to Jason Brosius, $65,500.

Revere Ave., Roseanne Sorrento; Russell Nowak to David Shaheen, $62,500.

21 Monroe St., HUD to Walter R. Miller; Judith K. Miller, $20,000.


Fisk Road & East Canal Road, Sandra L. Leitzan; Richard A. Leitzan to Robert P. Grant; Mary F. Grant, $195,000.

Oakwood Drive, Christianne Suszynski; Nancy J. Morlock to Nicole S. Lawler, $169,500.

Bear Ridge Road, Paul R. Keller; John C. Keller; John M. Keller to Jennifer L. McKeown, $128,000.

Beach Ridge Road, Brian J. Poeller to Julie Wertenberger Beutel; Richard J. Beutel, $110,000.

Mapleton Road, Donald Czerwinski; Patricia A. Czerwinski to R.S. Seiler Homes Llc, $55,000.


Riverview Drive & Woodland Court, Sharon M. Alex; Joseph A. Alex to Thomas R. Reese, $370,000.

Brentwood Drive, Thomas A. Baia; Elaine R. Baia to Thomas J. Baia; Joseph C. Baia, $146,000.


Rochester Road, Paul J. Schmitt to Rise Gian; Jack Gian, $115,768.

6 Maple Ave., Global Holding and Investment Co. Llc; Brian J. Adams; Thomas Cavalieri to HUD, $68,500.

11 State St., HUD to Jeremy P. Yasses, $10,556.


Lake Road, Fred E. Gregory to Gail A. Sonberg, $69,000.


Hidden Ridge Lane, James P. Zetes to Paul R. Mandina, $437,000.

Forest Lake Drive, Prostar Construction Inc. to Gale B. Carlson, $239,250.

Balla Drive, John Nemeth; Barbara H. Nemeth to Carolyn B. Cross; Michael L. Cross Jr., $210,000.

Winbert Drive, Fannie Mae to Keith M. Specht; Christy L. Specht, $200,000.

Osprey Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Michael Domagala; Helene K. Domagala, $184,375.

Town Line Road, Bonnie J. Dunn to Tina M. Mack; Scott C. Mack, $145,500.

Luther St., Susan Wilson; Timothy L. Wilson to Brett Cassata, $144,800.

6969 Walmore Road, Amy L. Heist to Fannie Mae, $95,661.

River Road, Dorothy R. Keil to Grant G. Scime, $78,700.

7036 Lakeside Drive, DS of Wheatfield Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc., $34,900.

Forest Lake Drive, L12 Holdings Llc to Prostar Construction Inc., $26,000.

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