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Beard Is Rusty in Channel 2 Debut

It must have seemed like old times for Channel 2's new morning co-anchor John Beard.

At the start of the 6 a.m hour of "Daybreak," Beard told viewers of the latest poll numbers in the Buffalo mayoral race that are "coming into the Channel 4 news room right now."

I'm sure that Channel 4 officials were laughing. Beard used to work at Channel 4. He works at Channel 2 now after a two-year TV layoff since being let go from a Los Angeles station.

Not surprisingly, the layoff has made him a little rusty. He stumbled while reading a few times, started reading before his microphone was turned on once and in the 5 a.m. hour seemed to be shouting the news as if his goal was to wake viewers up.

He calmed down by 6 a.m. and did a nice feature on how much the local park system has changed since he lived her more than two decades ago.

Of course, it's a marathon and not a sprint and in the long run Beard will be judged by the chemistry he develops with his co-anchor Jodi Johnston and meteorologist Andy Parker (who actually seems to get the most air time). So it is only fair to give Beard some time to adjust to his new surroundings.

But back to the mayoral poll. In discussing the findings, Channel 2 reporter Mary Friona suggested that the expanding poll lead that Mayor Byron Brown now has over challenger Michael "Mickey" Kearns is the result of his winning the debate that was carried on on Friday.

That's a highly questionable claim since it is difficult to know how many people who were polled watched the debate on the website. It is just as likely or more likely that the mayor's lead could be the result of his advertising campaign since he has so much more money to spend than his challenger.

In any event, what did you think of Beard's debut? Will you come back again Tuesday to watch "Daybreak"? And who did you think won Friday's mayoral debate?

-- Alan Pergament

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