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Letters / Our readers speak out

>Bills require Wilson to take radical action

Even though Dick Jauron said the decision to fire Turk Schonert was all his, I see Ralph Wilson's fingerprints all over the caper. And why not?

Ralph owns the club, is obviously concerned this clunker team will result in empty stadium seats, to say nothing about another year that will be no nearer to the playoffs than the past nine.

I'm glad that Ralph summoned the new offensive coordinator, his running backs coach and his chief ticket seller Russ Brandon to Detroit for a confab. My only gripe is that Ralph should have included his defensive coordinator. Our defense so far in preseason is only one tiny notch better than our non-existent offense.

Fans will applaud Ralph for reading the riot act to his coaches and applaud any radical actions Ralph may take to turn this dismal team around.

Walter Cranston

West Seneca


>Rebuilding: the beat goes on and on and ...

Brace yourselves, Bills fans. Start with Monday night, our national debut against the Patriots. Trent Edwards out for the season on first play from scrimmage. T.O. or no, without an offensive line, no quarterback will have time to develop pass plays. How long before T.O. becomes T.O.? Oh yes, at some point, a defense has to actually stop the other team from scoring.

Look for a score of about 77-7; Bills score only when Bill Belichick pulls his entire team off the field with 10 minutes remaining.

No huddle? No brains. Did anyone notice no score by first team in four games? Belichick must be shaking in his boots.

After that, optimistically, the Bills will win two. This season will stick a fork in Dick Jauron and then we will hire another mediocrity to start another five-year rebuilding regime. Don't despair; apart from pro football, autumns in Western New York are quite lovely.

Charles L. Bland

Niagara Falls


>Even seven wins aren't in the cards

It's a sad commentary when the best player on your team is the punter. I know that preseason means nothing, and that's exactly what the Bills' first team offense has given us.

The biggest problem is the offensive line. Honestly, what did you expect when the starters include two rookies, another team's backup, a second-year player who's never seen the field and a guy playing a new position? This unit is really going to miss Jason Peters. Our so-called "up-and-coming quarterback" seems to be regressing.

It certainly looks like our three year string of 7-9 seasons is coming to an end. With the problems listed above and a much tougher schedule this year, I can't see the Bills doing any better than 6-10.

Dennis Weber

North Buffalo


>Van Pelt gives players someone to admire

Did you ever work for someone who makes life difficult for you no matter what the situation? Wouldn't it be much better if he was replaced by someone you got along with? Well, welcome to the Bills' world.

It seems to me that the Turk Schonert firing had as much to do with the offensive players being comfortable with their boss as it did with the over-complication of the offense.

This step may not be the cure all, end all, in making this season a success for the Bills but it has to be a start, at least in Dick Jauron's mind.

Alex Van Pelt obviously has the respect and maybe, more importantly in this current NFL, the admiration of a greater percentage of Bills players. Unfortunately, he may be on as short a leash as Jauron is if the Bills start off the season slowly in that any new coach that might be brought in will most likely want to bring in his own man to run the offense. We'll just have to wait and see.

Dale Slisz



>Trent and the offense going nowhere fast

The Bills should go back to the huddle and give their defense more time off the field. Since the starting offense is unable to make a first down, all the more time that they can stall in a huddle will benefit the defense.

Trent "Happy Feet" Edwards, along with the offensive line, continues to be a major disappointment. Edwards seems to have lost confidence in himself.

Based what we are seeing in the preseason, nothing has changed. No running game, no passing game and no pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. Keeping Coach "Speedy" Jauron was a mistake. Unless a miracle occurs, Buffalo is looking at no wins in its conference.

Edward J Clohessy Jr.



>The stats don't lie in evaluating Jauron

Jauron's numbers tell it all . . . 6-10, 5-11, 13-3, 4-12, 7-9, 1-4, 7-9, 7-9, 7-9 = 57-76, or .429. Apart from a five-game stint (1-4) in Detroit after which he was fired, Jauron's record in five years at Chicago was 35-45 (.438), with an identical winning (or losing) percentage in Buffalo -- 21-27 (.438) -- over the past three years. The evidence supports the fact that it is highly unlikely we will see a reversal of the Bills' fortunes on Jauron's watch.

Even worse, in the space of a mere five days, we have witnessed the firing of Turk Schonert, the release of Dominic Rhodes and the release of the heir to Jason Peters at left tackle. All we've heard for months is that Langston Walker would successfully make the transition from right to left tackle, and now days before the opener against the Patriots, the O-line (and coaching staff) is in complete disarray. One would be hard pressed to interpret this as anything other than totally clueless leadership.

Bill Boden



>Bills' bean counters hatching an evil plan?

I am so disgusted right now with the Bills and they haven't played a single down of the season yet. The bottom line is this team began its long, ugly decline when Bill Polian was fired or allowed to walk. Russ Brandon is nothing but a bean counter pleasing his boss (that would be Ralph) with all the money coming in and less going out.

I think Ralph no longer is committed to spending what it takes to bring a winner to this town. He kept his promise to keep them here but he's given up the dream of a Super Bowl championship. Maybe this is all part of their diabolical plan to get the fans so upset that ticket sales decline where they have no recourse but to leave.

Bill McCarthy

West Seneca


>The 2009 season looks like no dice

Ten reasons to call the Buffalo Bills the "no" team:

1. No quality head coach with a winning attitude.

2. No astute quarterback.

3. No offensive line with experience.

4. No ability to stop an opponent's pass.

5. No pass rush to speak of.

6. No ability to get many first downs.

7. No able tight end.

8. No way to get a touchdown.

9. No points in two games.

10. No-huddle offense that works for the players capable of running the no-huddle offense.

Dr. T. Gregory Jacobs

West Seneca


>A fan is awaiting positive developments

In Dick Jauron's tenure here, we haven't developed a pass rush, a tight end, an offensive line that can run block, or linebackers who can throw guys for losses.

Our quarterback won't throw a pass more than 10 yards.

I ask, how can we develop any of these positions when our head coach and his staff haven't developed?

Donald Teresa

West Seneca


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