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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.


Strictly Business: In a response to George Pyle's blog on the unemployment rate, Labor Day and what it all means to working folks, Buffalo Progressive Populist wrote:

It seems that after every recession it has been taking longer and longer for the hemorrhaging of jobs to decrease, for the unemployment rate to go down and for the job market to recover. And how many of the jobs that are left after this "recession," or the new jobs that are created in the so-called "recovery" will be good-paying jobs that can support a middle-class quality of life? The accelerating decline of the American middle class has been a constant in American economic life over the past three decades. Although things have been worse during Republican administrations, they have not been all that much better under Democratic presidents.

The command socialist economic systems of the old Soviet Union and Eastern Europe did not work well. But I think it is becoming pretty clear that the system of global capitalism now dominant throughout most of the world is not working that well either. This economic system is structurally incapable of providing a decent quality of life to a majority of the world's people -- and more and more this hard economic reality includes the American people. The current form of global capitalism is also a disaster for the environment.

It is time for humanity to develop new kinds of economic entities and systems to provide a good quality of life without destroying the planet. Our survival may depend on it. . . .


Outrages & Insights: James Heaney's blog on the Buffalo mayoral race, polling and uncharacteristic outbursts from the incumbent, led crystalamy1 to decide:

The people's next order of business after the election will be to get rid of our Western New York Senate delegation.

They have not fought for us or created an economic environment for jobs.


Talkin' TV: Alan Pergament blogged about the NFL season and the inability of Time Warner and the NFL Network to make a deal, to which Anselmo1 said:

The NFL Network needs to be carried on a sports tier like MLB Network, NBA-TV and the NHL-Network. Let those that want it, pay for it. It isn't fair for everyone to pay for the NFL Network.


ArtsBeat: R.D. Pohl's informative blog on the Google Books Settlement, which quoted Stanford University School of Information linguist Geoffrey Nunberg as saying, "But books aren't simply vehicles for communicating information, and managing a vast library collection requires different skills, approaches, and data than those that enabled Google to dominate Web searching," brought this comment from Lisa Forrest:

I'd like to add "librarian" to Nunberg's quote: ". . . and managing a vast library collection requires different skills, approaches, and data than those that enabled Google to dominate Web searching."


BillBoard: Mark Gaughan's blog about Bill Belichick's answer as to whether the Patriots will exploit the Bills' young offensive line, his opinion of some of the other more senior players and the repeated references to a 51-yard catch-and-run touchdown Josh Reed had against the Pats near the end of a 35-7 Pats win in Buffalo in 2005, led jasonfromchicago to offer his own opinion:

The Bills should fire (Bills head coach Dick) Jauron right after Monday's blowout. Belichick and the Pats are going to kill the Bills 41-6. He will out-coach Jauron in every facet of the game . . . again.

This is usually a great time of year to be a Bills fan. Not this year. Not this decade.

Gary added:

Instead of a blowout, Belichick may intentionally keep the score of Monday night's game close. After all, why would he want Jauron to get fired? With Dickie as our coach the Patriots get the equivalent of two extra bye weeks each season.

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