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Ticked Off by Walk Offs

What is this? The NFL? Suddenly, excessive celebrations after walk-off homers have become an issue in big-league baseball. The Brewers toppled like bowling pins at home plate last Sunday when Prince Fielder arrived at home plate after a walk-off bomb against the Giants. The Yankees, who seem to get a walk-off every other night these days, scuffle for the hero's helmet when he tosses it in the air at home plate.

These youthful displays of joy have, naturally, upset some of the more conventional baseball types. The Giants apparently were insulted by the Fielder celebration. Reliever Bob Howry said it showed a lack of respect for the opponent and -- are you ready -- The Game! Howry said it wouldn't be forgotten. Frankly, I'd forgotten that Howry was still in baseball.

My God, is it so awful to have professional athletes actually showing enthusiasm for their game? What's so wrong with a winning celebration? I'm sure kids love it. Baseball should be grateful for any display of life that could draw young fans into the game. This is entertainment. I get tired of hearing old-school grumps complain about teams celebrating together. They're the same tired thinkers who think players are "showing up" the game when they bunt for a hit during a no-hitter or take an extra base when their team is five runs ahead.

Lighten up!

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