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Kearns offers alternative to city's poor administration

Mickey Kearns, a homegrown boy, is running for mayor in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday and your family's future depends on your vote.

We must end our decline and complacent acceptance of mediocrity, respect the horror of parents sending their children elsewhere for a job and stop electing the same incompetents and opportunists who have no experience or ability. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result each time.

City Hall is wrought with endemic corruption and incompetence. Mayor Byron Brown sees our nightly murders as a photo op. He stonewalls the Common Council and press on the release of public records, but claims transparency. He met HUD's scathing audit report by crying to Washington to silence HUD's Steve Banko. Devoid of any vision or plan, he's never even criticized the train wreck in Albany.

In 2005, there were 5,000 decayed, vacant buildings festering crime and danger for our first responders. There are 10,000 today.

Our dysfunctional school system takes innocent 5-year-olds on a dead-end nightmare, dooming them to life in a gang and eventually a prison cell.

Crime, the lack of an atmosphere inviting to business development and tax-and-spend government affect job creation. Hello! Byron! That was easy.

The Higgins, Schroeder, Stachowski, Thompson, Kennedy clique pontificate that empty suit Byron is the key to our future. How scary is that? Those who should first do their own jobs seek only to preserve the sick one-party system most responsible for decades of decline.

Brown's only plan to fight crime has been assigning himself a $1 million per year 10-policeman security detail. He's safe. How about Joe Citizen?

For an appointment, citizens must detail the intent of the meeting so Brown can be prepped so he won't embarrass himself trying to understand.

Citizens and employees fear retaliation and intimidation by parasites like deputy Steve Casey, who sent 250 SWAT cops to intimidate Canisius College for releasing tapes of Brown's son's joyride.

Deliberately or through incompetence, Brown fosters corruption. Sycophants such as Tim Wannamaker, Michelle Barron, Richard Stenhouse and Brian Davis, the Grass Roots' plunder of CAO monies, Modern Landfill's political payoffs and the One Sunset dumb-and-dumber debacle defile our government.

Brown swore he did no favors for Leonard Stokes -- unless interceding in justice in 2007 counts. "I am fact checking this," he told News reporter Brian Meyer.

Hello! Byron! You were there. Who are you checking with?

Show the parasitic political class that we are lions and we won't be led by lambs. Government service is a privilege and not a right. Vote for Mickey Kearns. I will.

Carl Paladino is a leading Buffalo businessman.

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