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How The News voted: Week One

How much can you tell by one week? Enough to rank a top 10?

Probably not, but why let that stop us?

Every week nine voters participate in The News' large and small school polls. We have one vote in each poll. Here's our ballot:

1. Orchard Park (1-0) - They almost lost! In double-OT! But they didn't. Still heavyweight champion of the WNY world.

2. Sweet Home (1-0) - Strong start against AA South member Clarence, which hosts Lancaster this week.

3. North Tonawanda (1-0) - Great win down in Jamestown. An Eric Jantzi team is not going to get fazed by a long ride on a bus. They'll just play football, and play very well.

4. Lancaster (1-0) - Thorough victory over Kenmore West has us singing that AA-South-is-better-than-AA-North-except-for-Jamestown song.

5. Williamsville South (1-0) - Extremely impressive air attack. Winning at GI earns a team major points.

6. Iroquois (1-0) - Big win over East Aurora. Old friend West Seneca East visits this week.

7. St. Francis (1-0) - Getting that first win, in a comeback, on the road, must make this year's Red Raiders feel like they're miles ahead of last year's (0-5 start).

8. Canisius (0-1) - No points against Aquinas.

9. Riverside (0-0) - Opener vs. Burgard might be interesting. Can I again express how bummed I am that the state's reduction of games in a football season made it impossible for the Harvard Cup to play nonleague games?

10. Lockport (0-1) - Take OP to OT? Take OP to a second OT? That gets you a spot here, easy.

Small schools

1. Southwestern (1-0) - Impressive start. Their spot to lose, maybe for the entire year.

2. Maple Grove (1-0) - Eek out a one-point win over Randolph in Week One. If it were anyone but Randolph, the Red Dragons would be slipping. 

3. Lackawanna (1-0) - Not too many tougher ways to open a season than a trip to Olean?

4. Cleveland Hill (1-0) - Impressive start, but we've still got that whole lost-in-the-semifinals thing in the back of our head. 

5. Cheektowaga (1-0) - We like this small school thing!

6. Cassadaga Valley (1-0) - Blowout of Fredonia transferred a title to them: Most Likely C Southerner To Dethrone Southwestern.

7. Depew (1-0) - New turf field + Newfane visit = new 1-0 record.

8. Cardinal O'Hara (1-0) - Nice win at Timon.

9. Randolph (0-1) - See Lockport in large schools.

10. St. Mary's (0-1) - They lost at Bath, 17-7. Bath beat Lackawanna in last year's regionals.

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---Keith McShea

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