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Turk Takes His Shot

Turk Schonert got off some parting shots at Dick Jauron, telling John Murphy that Jauron wanted him to run a "Pop Warner" offense, and that Schonert's offense wasn't simple enough for the Bills' head coach.

I'm not sure what to make of this. If Jauron wanted a simplified offense, why did he agree to use the no-huddle? Sure, you can run simple formations out of the no-huddle, but the whole idea seems contrary to Jauron's conservative nature. The most alarming thing about this whole fiasco is that Jauron, once again, has demonstrated an inability to sustain a positive, productive relationship with his offensive coordinator. That goes back to his days in Chicago.

Schonert's offense didn't seem all that complicated to me last season, though they had a big problem getting plays in on time. Let's see if things get any better without Schonert. The first sign will be if there's a smoother relaying of play calls and fewer examples of them having to fight to beat the clock.

Bottom line: The heat is turned up on everyone, from Jauron to Alex Van Pelt to Trent Edwards to Lee Evans to Terrell Owens. If it continues to look like a Pop Warner offense, we'll know Schonert wasn't the real culprit.

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