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Letters / Our readers speak out

When smart people play scared

Would someone please tell Bills QB Trent Edwards he no longer plays for Stanford University? This is the NFL and it's wicked brutal. Edwards plays like a scaredy cat. One interception or one sack and he gets rattled and afraid to throw.

Coach Dick Jauron doesn't help the situation. He coaches like a scaredy cat.

The "Bickering Bills" of the '80s and '90s were cocky and reckless. QB Jim Kelly fired right back the next time he got the ball after an embarrassing interception, and he led his team to four straight Super Bowls.

Edwards and Jauron (Yale University) both graduated from prestigious schools. What they desperately need are "street smarts."

Joyce L. Wilson



Taking candy from a baby

Two football teams representing two blue-collar cities. What could excite a football fan more than seeing their representatives fighting in the trenches to show which team is best in representing their city?

Unfortunately, one showed up navy blue and the other powder blue. Truly an embarrassment not only to themselves, but also the city of Buffalo.

Somebody must have given the Bills a lot of candy before the game and the Steelers said this is easy, let's take it from them, and they did. Check the smiles, grins and laughs as the Steelers returned to the sidelines after they thumped the Bills throughout the game. Buffalo Bills, shame on you.

Rocky Jankowski

Orchard Park


Owens must be told to toe the line

T.O. has pushed the Bills every week, since he stubbed his toe. This guy was not on the sidelines with his teamates against Chicago, in Buffalo. The following week, at Green Bay, he was at home in Buffalo. Last week at Pittsburgh, he flew to Dallas for the weekend.

Starting with the coach, Dick Jauron, someone has to step up and set some rules, for twinkle toes. That will never happen, so the GM or president of the Bills has got to call a meeting and state what the Bills expect and demand from T.O.

Pro football is a team game and everyone better be on the same page, or admit defeat and give T.O. his money for the year and say goodbye, get out of Buffalo. We can lose with or without you.

Rich Pietrykowski

North Tonawanda


Owens' infamous toe is MIA in preseason

How about we change his name from T.O. to T.O.E.?

Paul Szczesny



Saban, Gilchrist deserve recognition

Hey Ralph, you got yours. How about Lou and Cookie getting theirs?

Bill Krieger



Bills should fire Jauron now

It's a shame. Bills fans should be prepared to be treated to another lackluster, subpar, nonplayoff season. The offensive line having added two rookie guards, and a new center, is unable to execute their blocking assignments. This problem will intensify during the regular season.

The game has passed Dick Jauron by. He seems to have no control over the team. Discipline is nonexistent as evidenced by the many penalties. Trent Edwards appears as confused as he was last season.

One solution is to fire Dick Jauron now. At least the team can start the season fresh, with a new man at the helm. Judging from the preseason games the Bills have no chance to even smell the playoffs. Why wait?

Mark Elias



Wilson needs to set a goal

In the wake of another anemic offensive outing, Ralph Wilson needs to set a goal publicly. It doesn't have to be laughably lofty (such as a Super Bowl appearance) or dubiously doable (such as a division title or wild-card berth). It can be a slight stretch (such as a winning record) or an attainable outcome (break even at 8-8).

Dick Jauron will give standard issue remarks such as, "The goal is to win a championship" or "I believe we have playoff caliber talent" but every team has tacit aspirations they're working towards. The Lions are hoping to win a few games while being more competitive, and going 3-13 but showing some resilience in their losses would be considered progress. A team like the Chargers or Eagles, meanwhile, could go 3-13 and consider their seasons failures if they lose their respective conference championship games (again).

The problem with the Bills is that there's no clear-cut indication of what "a good season" would be. Status quo has epitomized the sentiment lamented by Bills fans this entire decade: No long-term QB. Constant offensive line overhaul. Unimaginative schemes and play calling. Lack of offensive identity. Porous run defense. Inability to convert critical third downs on offense and inability to stop critical third down conversions on defense. A lack of big plays on both sides of the ball. Oh yeah, and excellent special teams. It's culminated in three straight 7-9 seasons.

Ralph and the coaching staff need to set a goal. If the goal is reached then you can operate moving forward with the belief you're on the right track. If it's not reached, blow the whole thing up and start from scratch.

Matt Wiertel

East Amherst


Time for Sabres to dump the slugs

I sit here reading how the Sabres have a log jam of forwards fighting for a roster spot. The only place in the NHL most of them would have that chance. Other teams would have thinned that out and got rid of most of these guys but not us.

We keep waiting, is this the season he will finally earn his money. I am sick of waiting and watching these over paid slugs. I never want to see a player get hurt but is Adam Mair's injury really going to effect this team at all? With the coverage it has received you would think he scored 40 goals last year. The only thing I look forward to is getting a chance to see our young guys come up and play and to hopefully fill a roster spot. Time to wake up Sabres. Get these kids like Kennedy up here and let them show you what they are made of in the NHL where they should be.

Carl Dunning

Orchard Park

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