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Letters / Our readers speak out

Teammates went missing in clutch

After watching the Sabres' game against the Rangers recently, I came away with this thought. If I were Ryan Miller, I would be seething knowing that none of my teammates came to my defense after being run over by Scott Gomez (not to mention injured, too).

Teams have been running Miller for about the past month and getting away with it. The Sabres have a reputation around the NHL of being a soft team. This only reinforces that reputation.

Mike Biondo



Defense rested in Miller's injury

It is very sad watching the Sabres stand around and not do anything when Scott Gomez hit Ryan Miller. I grew up in Buffalo and love the Sabres, but they should be embarrassed at themselves.

Where's the heart? Where's the grit? Maybe Darcy Regier, Lindy Ruff, and the whole front office need to talk to Don Cherry about how to find talented and tough players that create teams that win the Stanley Cup.

Luke Crawford

Austin, Texas


Give us a break from negative columns

Jerry Sullivan's bed must be pushed up against a wall, because he seems to get up on the wrong side every day. It is a rare day when he has anything positive to say. He is so consistently negative that it actually limits my enjoyment of an otherwise good sports section.

His latest was railing against the Sabres for not jumping Scott Gomez when he ran into Ryan Miller. Instead of enjoying a big win in the playoff race, we get a rant about whether the team is tough enough.

In the first period, I saw Paul Gaustad, Patrick Kaleta and others hitting Rangers all over the place.

It's a tough environment out there these days without having to endure more constant negativity in the sports page, which should be one place to go for some escape from the daily grind. If Mr. Sullivan is so negative about things, I feel sorry for him.

Brian Beitz

Orchard Park


Wilson deserves to be celebrated

The popular belief right now in our town is that Ralph Wilson has given up on his team, and by doing so, has given up on the Buffalo community, by being passive in his commitment to the Bills organization over the last few years. People think that he has given up on leading us back to the playoffs, and as a result, he shouldn't have been included in this year's Hall of Fame class.

Fellow Bills fans, we must never take for granted that we have had a pro football team in our city for the last 50 years. We are one of the smallest markets in pro football today, but the Bills are still around, bringing Sunday entertainment to the whole region and bringing us closer together as a community for the last half century. Regardless of what happens when Ralph passes on, we cannot take for granted what he did for us.

Ralph deserves to be celebrated, not condemned, for allowing us to experience NFL football. Without him, we would probably never have known what it's like.

Kevin Prise

Orchard Park


Kudos to Wilson for Hall election

Ralph Wilson has been called frugal and a manipulator. Yes, he is both.

He has fired and hired good people and bad people. Wilson has squeezed concessions from the city, the county, the state and even from the NFL.

Yes, business is business, but he is also a sportsman. Wilson has made a commitment to the city and the fans, and now in his receding years, he is making a commitment to his family, so that his family is well cared for; I would do the same.

As Bob Hope's theme song says, "thanks for the memories, it has been an exciting ride." Your enshrinement is well-deserved and I make this toast to you, Ralph Wilson Jr., to you and for you. Cheers!

James Furcoat



NFL punishments should fit the crime

It's time for a new rule in the NFL regarding any physical action deemed unnecessary (helmet to helmet, late hit on the quarterback, etc.).

First and foremost the action will carry a 15-yard penalty. Secondly the guilty player will be disqualified for the remainder of the game and the next scheduled contest. If the penalized player's actions caused an injury, the penalized player will sit out the same amount of time as the injured player.

The league may also fine the guilty player, who will count against the active game roster during his suspension.

Bill Krieger


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