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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Matters of Opinion: Editorial Page Editor Mike Vogel's blog on the difficult job of covering a sensitive topic such as the crash of Flight 3407 drew this observation from Christine:

I understand the purpose of the media but why do they have to squeeze out every detail. One of the headlines last week stated, "The Last 26 Seconds." Don't you think that the victims' loved ones have played that over and over again in their heads? Reading that headline turned my stomach.

Carmen added:

Journalists squeeze out details because words on a page can only display so much. Headlines like "The Last 26 Seconds" turn my stomach too, but that is because a tragedy like the one that happened in Clarence is in itself "hard to stomach." But it happened, and I am grateful for journalists who use language that gets to the heart of the story. Years from now when people read about this crash, "The Last 26 Seconds" will resonate and maybe they will feel just a little bit of what Buffalo has been feeling these last two weeks.


Niagara Views: In response to a blog about the attention being garnered by a local group of advocates who want the removal of a section of the parkway between Niagara Falls and Lewiston, Bflofirst said:

Remove it of course. And restore the public access to the water.

Now if all of Niagara County will help Erie County remove the scourge of the Peace Bridge Plaza from our neighborhoods that would be great. Working together we could restore waterfront access up and down the river.

dan added this:

The people who are pushing for the removal of the Robert Moses are people who do not commute from Lewiston/Youngstown to Niagara Falls. They are only interested in pursuing "waterfront" property that they can purchase to build large homes on, just to say they own "waterfront" property.

I, for one, do not wish to drive down Main Street in Niagara Falls to get to work, as the potholes and such are unbearable. There is hardly any wildlife for people to see, and it would not benefit anyone to have open space that could be used to keep traffic flowing and off the already congested downtown Niagara Falls section of Main Street.


Pop Stand: Charity Vogel's blog on Western New York's "hidden experts" from a shoe-sizing specialist to a feng shui practitioner, and her query about other experts, drew this suggestion from BobbyCat:

The largest group of unrecognized experts in this area are spread all over Western New York.

They have to be knowledgeable in a variety of fields. They must understand the ins and out of finance, all manner of construction techniques, the application of chemicals and the dangers therein. They must understand weather, biology, plant propagation, zoology, animal husbandry, markets -- conditions and forecasts -- carpentry, mechanics, electricity, plumbing, waste disposal and much more. Did you guess that I'm talking about farmers?


Inside the News: In a response to Sandra Tan's blog on the gruesome slaying of Orchard Park resident Aasiya Hassan, the arrest of her husband, Muzzammil Hassan, and connections drawn by outsiders to Muslim beliefs, Maxine posted this:

Saddam Hussein was born a Muslim. He was not, by all reports, a very devout man, yet he committed numerous horrible acts of violence against his own people.

While all religions preach against violence, all of them, at one point or another, for various reasons, have condoned or overlooked acts of violence committed by their members.

Let's put the focus of this particular story where it belongs: on violence against women, which is at epidemic levels all across the world.

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