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There is no comparison between Delano, Horne

In reference to the Feb. 19 column by Rod Watson, there was no "dilemma" until Watson created one. It's people like him that keep feeding fuel to the fire on racism. I am not surprised he has the audacity to even compare Detective Dennis Delano to Officer Cariol Horne, but there is no comparison. Delano may be white and Horne black, but the fact is they both wore the badge and what they did while wearing it is the issue here.

Delano has a spotless record with the Police Department, while Horne had numerous departmental infractions during her career. What is the comparison between the two? Delano freed two people who were wrongfully convicted of a crime. (Innocent people, not just two "white" people). Horne assaulted another police officer who was trying to make an arrest. (A white officer.) There is no comparison, regardless of their color.

As for Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson, he did not create a dilemma for himself or anyone else. Watson is guilty of doing that by playing the "race card." By doing so, he has put the "black" commissioner in the spotlight. The commissioner reviewed all of the facts in the Horne case, determined her actions as a police officer and then arrived at his decision based on those facts, not her color. I am sure the commissioner will do the same for Delano.

Paul R. Delano Sr.

Retired Buffalo Police Sergeant



Emergency rooms are overburdened

Earlier this week, I had the unfortunate experience of a family member being taken to a local hospital emergency room. I am still in awe of the fact that this family member was kept in the emergency room for 27 hours, because there were no beds available on the unit to which they were sending him.

I am aware of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, because I work as a medical transcriptionist. I can understand a bed not being available in a specific unit needed, but at this hospital, there were patients lining the emergency room area on carts, in public view. So much forHIPAA! So much for any kind of privacy.

There was a 3-year-old child who had been there since the afternoon. I noted that the time was 9 p.m. This little girl was with her mother, who looked exhausted from holding her sobbing child for such a long period of time. My heart broke for the both of them.

Very simply, lawmakers who would like to reduce hospital emergency rooms and close hospitals should sit in an emergency room for a couple of hours. They would be appalled. I only wonder what would happen if their loved one was a patient in an ER under those conditions.

Carmelanne Caterisano



Don't waste $40 million returning cars to Main St.

Why spend $40 million to return cars to Main Street when the money could be better spent elsewhere? With more apartments being built in the downtown area and the waterfront being revitalized, more people will make the present pedestrian mall, which was built before its time, feasible. There are plenty of other more important and less stupid ways to spend the $40 million than on a drive-through Main Street.

Leonard Kaszuba



Men's views on abortion don't carry much weight

After decades of reading anti-abortion letters written by men, I've had enough. The most recent appeared in the Feb. 7 News. "May God save us," he writes, from the consequences of a pro-choice president and Congress.

In my opinion, no man has the right to tell a woman what she may do with her body. No man can "walk a mile in her shoes." No man can imagine how he might feel if biology were such that conception begins in him.

How might the writer feel if government, rather than his own faith or moral convictions, were to tell him that he may not choose to stop the process by surgical or medicinal intervention? I know that I would fight for my right to decide what is going to happen in my own body.

Back to reality. For any man to presume that he knows what a pregnant woman must or must not do is sexism. And it is the worst form of sexism because a woman cannot argue against the biology of our existence. It's not like "equal pay for equal work."

To favor choice is not to favor abortion. One can be both pro-choice and anti-abortion. As has been said, abortion should be rare, but it should be safe and legal.

But, hey, I'm a guy. And my opinion should not count in the public forum. The place for a man's opinion lies somewhere among the woman in his life, his church or other system of faith and morals.

Michael J. Kaplan



Religious organizations are doing terrific work

A Feb. 24 letter stated that pastors in mega churches dupe their uneducated, undereducated and emotionally unstable congregants out of their money and should, therefore, be taxed. One presumes that if a church has an emotionally stable, college-educated flock then that church should remain tax exempt. How one would judge a church to be mature and another not is a mystery to me.

My daughter and her husband are completing their doctoral degrees in computer engineering and physical therapy. On completion, they will return to a small village in Zambia where my son-in-law established a school to train young men and women to use their newly acquired technical skills in computers to find better jobs. My daughter will use her physical therapy skills to treat orphaned children with a variety of medical conditions that would go untended if not for her.

Did I mention that the project is being funded by Pat Robertson's ministries and a number of mega churches? All of these churches are populated by the plain, uneducated, emotionally stunted suckers who give their hard-earned money away to do God's work. Who knows, perhaps the world would be better off if religious organizations were taxed out of existence. Maybe the writer should ask those children in Africa if they think Robertson is a money-grubbing lout. He might be surprised by their response.

David Livingston



What one hand giveth the other taketh away

I am all for tax breaks, I think they are great. However, getting tax breaks from the federal government only to have local and state governments raise taxes and fees is not so great. Don't just "show me the money" -- give me the money.

Tim Feider


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