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How miraculous life is. Here Buzz is, living our life, and there is Melvin Fowler of the Buffalo Bills, living his. But this being Buffalo, you know our paths will cross. And they did! The other day, Buzz walked into the Hertel Farm Market -- the great little Italian deli and food shop on the north side of Hertel, just east of Delaware. The staff was atwitter -- Fowler had just been there. He drove away in a vintage Cadillac, ran the rumors, and his license plate read "Buffalo Bills." "He's my favorite," the checkout gal gushed. "I had just stepped out! I wish I had been here." Melvin, please, come back! We'll be waiting by the eggplant.


Bible babble

Why exercise when you can exorcise? At St. Anthony's Church, they celebrated Chocolate Sunday, and the priest promised to banish the calories. ... Out with the old! At Buffalo Covenant Church on Kenmore Avenue, the marquee trumpets: "NEW PASTOR, NEW APPROACH." ... Finally, you know how Benjamin Franklin said that beer is proof that God loves us? Leave it to Buffalo to take that theology to a new level. You can hear the Rev. Karl Eastlake from Eastern Hills Wesleyan trying not to laugh as he winds up a radio spot by saying: "God's love fills you up ... like a bucket of wings."


Downward dog

A stranger offered this quote to Buzz: "I refuse to watch "Slumdog Millionaire.' Thank you. That's all.' Ha, ha! We agree! Buzz saw the Oscar- winning flick and here is what was in it: People performing bodily function in outhouse. Kid jumping into toilet pit in outhouse. Kid throwing up. Adult throwing up. Torture. Maiming. Who needs it? And then -- and then! -- they have the nerve to throw this splashy happy ending at us! Sorry, is all we can say. Too late.


Diners' club

It's fun to drink those Poinsettias -- elixirs made of champagne and cranberry juice -- at Betty's, the little place on Virginia Street. But it's even more fun to drink in the big-city atmosphere. Sunday morning, we must have waited an hour for a table! And consider this. When we got there, only six people were waiting. Soon there were about 20. And still people piled in! Wow! This is as good as L. A., and with less of a drive, may we point out. The most masterful touch was the blase attitude of the kid acting as host. "What time would you suggest that we get here?" one guy waiting asked humbly. "You should come at 9 a. m.," the kid said. "That's when we open."


The buzz

Love that sign in the Betty's foyer: "Thank You For Picking Betty's." ... Buffalo priorities! One friend we know who returned here not long ago got her Premier Card first, then her library card, then her driver's license. ... Sign of these troubled times: A Kenmore minimart's marquee reads simply: "CHEAP SMOKES."



"You'll have to drive at least 30 minutes to get anywhere, but L. A.'s restaurant scene is thriving." --


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