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Dr. Carter Comes Home for Treatment on ER

I must admit I've stopping making regular visits to NBC's long-running medical series, "ER," which remains popular here

But I DVRed last Thursday's episode, which featured the return of Dr. John Carter (Noah Wyle), and watched it Monday afternoon.

A few clues were thrown out to explain why the melancholy Carter returned to Chicago before the final understated and shocking scene.

Until the final scene, it was suggested that Carter was there to celebrate the opening of a new facility funded by his wealthy family. He didn't know how long he would be in Chicago but wanted to pull a few shifts in the emergency room.

At the end of the episode, the camera panned past several patients who appeared to be getting dialysis treatment while they were watching television. Eventually, the camera landed on Carter, who was getting treatment. too. He wasn't watching television. He seemed too sad to do anything.

My first thought was please don't go there. Don't have another of the show's popular characters become seriously ill or die like Dr. Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) did.

My second thought was I guess I'm going to become an "ER" regular again to find out if Carter is going to live. 

The previews that followed indicated that former cast members Eriq LaSalle, Sherry Stringfield and Julianna Margulies were be making guest appearances in the final weeks of the final season. George Clooney has been a little busy with his involvement in real-life humanitarian projects but it wouldn't be a total shock if he found time to appear again, too.

What did you think of last week's "ER"? And do you expect to watch the show as it winds down its incredible run?

-- Alan Pergament    



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