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Board takes emergency action to fix Town Hall roof

Buckets collect rainwater in some of the hallways at Town Hall, and the warranty ran out last year on the 21-year-old roof.

"We do have an emergency on the horizon," Councilman Sean Edwards said during a Monday night board meeting. "The roof on top of the deputy clerk is ridiculous. When it rains, there are buckets and garbage cans everywhere . . ."

Fellow board members unanimously agreed that something needs to be done as soon as possible and began to set the stage to establish bid specifications to repair the entire roof and replace a rooftop heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit.

Edwards said after the meeting that he was not sure how much the work would cost but that it could be as much as $100,000.

Talk about the roof was part of a larger conversation about energy efficiency at Town Hall.

Joseph Crimi, a representative from the New York Power Authority Energy Services Program, met with town officials to talk about programs that are used to help municipalities use tax dollars for energy services. He said they can be used for projects like the roof.

Building Inspector Timothy Masters said that the unit alone near the courtroom is 30 years old and he can't get parts for it.

"It costs $4,000 to patch it, and a new one costs $12,000," Masters said.

Edwards said he didn't support the program being offered by the Power Authority. He suggested a 20-year bond.

In another matter, several properties on Indian Hill where drainage is considered an issue -- at 1344, 1348 and 1352 Ridge Road -- led to a discussion about the prospects for serious flooding and the need to construct a new ditch.

Town Engineer David M. Britton said he will need to discuss the new ditch with residents and the state Department of Transportation.

Edwards said that with spring coming, the velocity of the water running into the existing ditch is a problem. He said there is a sense of urgency because the water is running into a family room at one of the residences.

In another matter, Councilman Ernest Palmer discussed Lower Niagara River Region Chamber plans to bring better electrical service to Center Street. He said the upgrade of electrical service for festivals, which would cost $16,000, was discussed recently by the Chamber. He said this would be a permanent upgrade.

He said the Chamber is looking for assistance from the town and possibly could use Greenway funding.

"I think this would be money well spent," Palmer said.

Supervisor Fred Newlin said Chamber officials have told him they would look for private funding before they come to the town and village for assistance.


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