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Readers point to potholes galore

After last week's column featuring potholes on a county road appeared in The Buffalo News, Fix It received a barrage of complaints on the problem from all over Western New York, including several from the City of Buffalo.

"Please, please do something about the large gaping potholes along Bingham Street from Erie to Church below the [Niagara Thruway] downtown," Robin Slowinski said in an e-mail to The News. "The street is one of the main thoroughfares to gain access to the Church Street ramps to the 190 and is in deplorable condition."

Another reader complained about a "large hole" in the street coming out of the Saturn Club driveway on Utica Street.
"When you leave the driveway onto Utica, there is a large hole that your car drops into on the street and you feel as though you have just lost the bottom of your car," Annette Cravens said, also in an e-mail.
Heading south in the city, K. Musial told Fix It that Dorrance Avenue next to the Abbott Road plaza is another problem area for potholes.
"The road conditions on the plaza side are horrendous," Musial said. "You have to drive on the other side in some spots, the road is so bad."
We turned to Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steven Stepniak about these and other pothole problems.
"All city potholes should be called into 851-4890," Stepniak said. You can also dial 311 or register your complaint on line at, he said.
In 2007, the City of Buffalo instituted a 48-hour "pothole guarantee" program. The location of serious potholes in the city should be reported to the numbers above for investigation and repair.


Fix It has tackled everything from faulty roads to poor street lighting. Readers may submit potential items three ways: through regular mail by writing to Fix It, c/o The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203; by e-mail at; or by calling the Fix It voice mail line at 849-6026. Fix It considers every suggestion but is not able to respond to all.

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