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Come On, Turk

Turk Schonert really must take Bills fans for a bunch of fools. His comments to Mark Gaughan in Saturday's paper were condescending and an insult to any football fan. Schonert clearly thinks the average Bills fan lacks the intelligence to question the team's brutal clock management and use of timeouts last season -- which was as bad as I've ever seen by an NFL coaching staff.

Schonert's main defense is that other teams -- even New England -- waste timeouts, as if that makes it OK for the Bills to squander timeouts and mismanage the clock. Then he goes even further by saying Bill Walsh told him first-half timeouts were overrated. "If you don't score at the end of the first half, you don't score,'' he said.

Wow. We're supposed to believe these guys spend 16 hours a day preparing for games, but it's wrong to expect them to make sharp, clear-minded decisions at the end of first halves? If you don't score, you don't score? Does he realize how arrogant that sounds, especially coming from a coordinator who would have been fired by two-thirds of the NFL owners after last year's offensive meltdown?

I guess this is what happens when a coaching staff gets a vote of confidence after one of the worst second-half collapses in NFL history. They become newly empowered and gain a renewed sense of their own self-importance. Hey Turk, you're damn right it matters if you screw up and don't score at the end of the first half. A lot of NFL games are decided by a few points nowadays, and a bad coaching move can often make the difference -- even if the great Bill Walsh says first-half timeouts are overrated.

Turk, you're not Bill Walsh. A little humility is in order.

And one more thing: Do you think it's too much to ask for Dick Jauron or Russ Brandon to at least express an iota of concern about Marshawn Lynch's behavior? Just because there's a legal issue doesn't mean they can't state the obvious -- that they're concerned about him and would like to see him make more mature decisions.

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