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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Susan Martin From the Home Front: Following Martin's light-hearted take on once spotting a mouse in her hotel room, Andy revealed his mouse-trap-and-release plan:

Living in the country, I get mice frequently in my attic. Not having the heart to kill cute little "Deer Mice," I trap them with a Have-a-Heart trap and relocate them in the woods.

One year I had a mouse who I named Houdini. Day after day I would find the trap sprung, the bait eaten, but NO mouse in the trap. I just had to solve how Houdini got out of the trap, so I put a video camera up there aimed at the trap.

The tape showed him entering the trap and calmly feasting on the food even though the doors had dropped. When all the food was gone, he walked to one of the closed doors and started bumping it with his head in a rhythmic fashion, causing the door and the locking wire to jiggle and bounce. He would keep that up until the wire jumped out of the retaining clip and the door opened just enough for him to squeeze through. That was one smart mouse.

I finally did catch him by putting adhesive double sided tape in the retaining clips, so that when the wire fell into it, it stuck. Houdini was released in the woods a few miles from my home. Sort of miss the little bugger. But then I can always watch the video.


The 'burbs: Bruce Andriatch's blog comment on his approach to snow removal and the urge to phone Town Hall over the slushy mess, elicited this comment from HapKlein:

I am forever mindful that winter can last until the end of March and then some.

Many years ago my driveway was a deeply rutted mess of wet ice and snow. I was tired and elected not to shove the mess to the edges of the driveway. A mistake.

It was mid January and the ruts and frozen mess lasted until mid March. Clear the stuff when you can or you may trip over frozen reefs for more months than you wish.


Inside the News: Jerry Zremski's blog on the deal congressional negotiators finally struck on the stimulus package, aimed at a taxpayer-funded $790 billion investment into the economy, elicited this "poem" from Robert:

Listen to the obot sheep:

baaaa . . . baaaa . . . baaaa



O-baaa-ma, tell us what to think.

O-baaa-ma, tell us what to say.

O-baaa-ma, lead us.

O-baaa-ma, tell us what to do.

O-baaa-ma, tell me what to do.

You Obama worshippers are pathetic.


Inside Pitch: Mike Harrington noted disbelief over Alex Rodriguez's steroid excuse of youthful indiscretion, to which Danno observed:

Outside of Eastern Europe, it's safe to say that every athlete who has used steroids has known exactly what he was doing. No one with an I.Q. buys A-Rod's story about his being young and naive, etc. We get why he was using. He thought he needed the 'roids because he knew other players using. And he knew they worked. If he can't make up a better story, he should just shut up.


Matters of Opinion: Mike Vogel's week-later blog on the story of the Flight 3407 crash and its ranking among significant news events brought this suggestion from Lamarfish:

The incident I remember most as a kid was the violence and rioting in Lackawanna after a stabbing at a Saturday night dance at the OLV school gym, which spilled over to LHS the following Monday with another attack on one of our friends. After that there were cops at the school for a long time and the schools were closed for about two weeks.

What about the time the Buffalo River caught fire near Republic Steel?

One I'd like to see: "Upstate New York secedes from New York and forms 51st State" . . .

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