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It seems to us . . . A really bad idea, taxed on taxes and a painful look at the future

OUTRAGE: Here's a message for the fringe group that thinks it's somehow religiously right to disrupt memorials and deepen the grief of those who need to mourn loved ones: Stay home.

There is nothing right about co-opting someone else's grief to make a statement about your unrelated cause. The Topeka band of agitators who picket soldiers' funerals -- and apparently plan to picket Sunday's memorial services for crash victims here -- to say such deaths are God's punishment for tolerance of homosexuals are saying a lot more about themselves than they're saying about God. And it's not pretty.


GEE, THANKS: Let's get this straight -- New York, which is now contemplating something like 137 new taxes and fees, wants us to pony up ten bucks for the privilege of filing our tax returns?

Isn't that a lot like paying your mugger?

Oh, wait, maybe there's a mugging tax, too.


CHILLING THOUGHT: Like a lot of you out there, we're worried a lot about the recession. But it's no secret a lot of journalists also are worried about the cultural shift that means that, while a lot more folks than ever are reading, a lot of them are reading us online and not paying what's still a bargain rate for the volume of news in the folded publication we deliver to your door.

So it was especially chilling to see a new term crop up in print the other day: "press-dependent newspapers." Ouch.

OK, we admit it's an addiction. But it's one we don't want to break. Hope you don't, either.

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