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Duplicate Bridge

The ACBL-wide Senior Pairs will be held Monday at 10:30 a.m. at the Bridge Center of Buffalo and at 11 a.m. at the Amherst Bridge Club at the Airport. Players 55 and over are eligible. This game includes hand records and analysis and oodles of masterpoints. You need not be an ACBL member to play.

>Duplicate Scores

Week of Feb. 9 to 15

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Amherst Bridge Club at the Airport Monday morning -- Howell. A: Mike Kisiel and Paul Ganley, 64.88%; Bob Linn and Dale Anderson, 60.71%; B/C: (tie) Adrienne Sakavicius and Flo Boyd, Marie Suprinick and Rosemary Richert, 48.81%. Tuesday morning -- North-south, A/B: Chet Fell and Fenton Harrison, 58.96%; C: Patricia Lakeman and Mary Terrana, 52.71%; east-west, A/B: Mike Silverman and Dale Anderson, 61.80%; C: Art Schumacher and Barbara Multerer, 39.82%. Wednesday afternoon -- North-south, A: Alexandra Miller and Dale Anderson, 60.87%; B/C: Celine Murray and Dale Anderson, 57.83%; east-west, A/B: Christine Pesce and Mike Silverman, 60.42%; C: Judy Kaprove and Marietta Kalman, 55.75%. Thursday morning -- North-south, A: Beverly Cohen and Judi Marshall, 60.42%; B/C: Judy Kaprove and Ruthie Kozower, 55.00%; east-west, A: Mike Kisiel and Bob Linn, 62.08%; B: Bob Kaprove and partner, 59.58%; C: Ken Meier and Dorothy May, 50.83. Saturday morning -- North-south, A: Vince and Christine Pesce, 60.71%; B: Isabelle Banas and Betty Dorio, 53.87% C: Michael and Ruthie Kozower, 43.15%;east-west, A/B/C: Fenton Harrison and Frank Kidd, 56.85%. Sunday afternoon -- North-south, A/B/C: Marie Suprinick and Ann Smith, 56.33%; east-west, A: Beverly Cohen and Judi Marshall, 60.83%; B: Cleve Fleming and Frank Kidd, 57.00%; C: Anna Edwards and Dale Anderson, 51.33%.

B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- Howell. A: Barbara and Paul Libby, 66.25%; B: Paula Kotowski and Carlton Stone, 67.5%. Friday morning -- North-south, A: Rita Sofia and Nita Ferrell, 63.69%; B: Paula Kotowski and Carlton Stone, 56.48%; C: Ruth Kozower and Judy Kaprove, 55.99%; east-west, A: Jim Mathis and Barbara Libby, 60.65%; B/C: Helen Panza and Ruth Wurster, 52.23%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Monday morning -- A/B: Douglas Dean and Fred Yellen, 66.67%; C: Tova Reinhorn and Marilyn Sultz, 55.21%. Tuesday noon -- 299er game. North-south, A: Betty Metz and Dorothy Soong, 62.5%; B: Marilyn Sultz and Chip Kean, 59.72%; east-west, A: Carol Bedell and Paula Hackspacher, 64.88%; B: Sharon Chang and Agi Maisel, 47.88%. Wednesday morning -- A/B: Alberta Brown and Jeanne Gladysz, 62.5%; C: Tova Reinhorn and Linda Burroughsford, 59.17%. Wednesday evening -- A: (tie) Saleh Fetouh and William Rushmore, Christy Kellogg and Robert Olin, 56.94%; C: Robert Padgug and Eugene Harvey, 51.39%. Thursday afternoon -- James and Karen Stephenson, 72.22%; Betsy Heuer and Dick Heuer, 61.11%. Thursday evening -- A/B: Joseph Peters and Eugene Giorgini, 59.49%; C: Penny and Peter Shui, 53.94%. Friday noon -- North-south, A: James Gullo and Eugene Harvey, 62.8%; B: Judith Padgug and Alberta Brown, 60.12%; C: Lou Babb and Anna Edwards, 52.38%; east-west, A/B: Elizabeth Clark and Carolyn Siracuse, 58.04%; C: Anne Crandell and Dolores Warmuz, 51.19%. Saturday -- A/B: Irving Jacobs and Jeanne Gladysz, 57.81%; C: Gene Finton and Kenneth Wagner, 54.63%. Sunday -- North-South, A: Christy Kellogg and Elbert Hargesheimer, 59.52%; B/C: Bernardine and Richard Czarnecki, 49.4%; east-west, A: Eugene Harvey and James Gullo, 59.23%; B: Rita Sierocinski and Robert Olin, 54.76%; C: Linda Burroughsford and Peter Patterson, 50.6%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday -- North-south, Bob Andersen and Linda Vassallo, 57.14%; Enid Sweet and Roseann Stoklosa, 55.36%; Barb Booi and Donna Moran, 52.14%; Pat Lakeman and Pat Rogers, 50%; east-west, Jack Kern and Lance Crawford, 64.59%; Bill and Peg Rieker, 53.75%; Lillian Gotshall and Joann Lafay, 51.66%.

Buffalo Whist Club -- Howell. A: John Kilmer and Christy Kellogg, 66.3%; B: James Reineck and David Hemmer, 58.3%; C: Adam Sikora and Ming Chiu, 54.9%.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Henry Chudy and Bill Rich, 68%; east-west, Mary Doino and Sandra Marcussen, 63%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- A: Roy Crocker and John Lewis, 63.1%; Peg and Bill Rieker, 58.9%; B: Bill Wasson and Bob Lederhouse, 57.1%; Gordon Crone and George Donsky, 48.8%. Saturday afternoon -- Edie Moran and Anne Clancy, 61.1%; Peg and Bill Rieker, 56.9%; B: Dave and Jane Larcom, 50.7%.


Other clubs

ABA Humboldt Bridge Club Tuesday -- North-south, Lola Bishop and Juanita Birdsong, 59.5%; Doanne Jackson and Parmalier Murphy, 52%; east-west, Shirley Thompson and David Mathis, 57%; Arthur English and Bailey Leftwich, 54%. Amherst Senior Center Monday evening -- North-south, Marion Morber and Chuck Heimerl, 65%; Bill and Jo Rich, 57%; east-west, Eileen Bisantz and Nancy Hoffman, 62%; Shirley Cassety and Peg Gorham, 62%. Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning -- Howell. Don Collins and Harry Rogers, 60%; Jim Keegan and Dave Stroud, 56%. Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday -- North-south, Lil Ungerleider and Dee Schaeffer, 61.1%; Fritzi Schmitt and Helen Sfeir, 57.2%; east-west, Mickey Hirsch and Mike Milch, 68.9%; Ann Lundrigan and Joe Fiore, 52.2%. Clarence Senior Center -- North-south, Carol and Norm Kirchner, 60%; east-west, (tie) Elaine Wegrzyn and Alan Ohloeft, Pat O'Brien and Mary Ann Carlozzi, 53%. Tonawanda Senior Center -- North-south, Lou Lombardi and Marie Lanza, 56.25%; east-west, Frank and Sue Riccio, 53.13%.

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