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An article Wednesday about the experience levels of pilots at regional airlines quoted industry expert Douglas M. Moss. He has about 10,000 hours of flight experience, not 30,000 hours as the article stated.


WNYO Channel 49 will continue to broadcast over an analog signal until June 12, the new federal deadline for all TV stations to begin broadcasting exclusively in a digital signal. An article in Wednesday's News incorrectly stated that WNYO would drop its analog signal by Wednesday, the original deadline for the digital TV conversion. WNYO had intended to meet the earlier deadline for the switchover but recently opted to wait.

The Buffalo News corrects published errors of substance. To request a correction, please notify the editor by writing to: P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, NY 14240. Or call The News at 849-4444 and ask to speak to the editor of the department in which the article was published. Or fax your request to 856-5150.

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