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Excess water affects sewage treatment

Excessive water leaking into the sanitary sewer system is causing problems and affecting the treatment process.

During a meeting of the Silver Creek Village Board on Tuesday, Dave Rowlinson, project manager from Stearns and Wheeler, environmental engineers, said he has been studying the sewage treatment plant and merging sewer services with the Town of Hanover.

Rowlinson said he would not recommend combining the services because the Silver Creek system suffers from too much infiltration.

He said that at peak flow after a rainstorm the system takes on as much as 4 million gallons a day. The sewage treatment plant is rated to handle 0.75 million gallons per day.

Rowlinson said the village will begin a campaign to increase residents' awareness and ask them to cooperate by disconnecting sump pumps or rainwater systems that discharge into sanitary sewer lines.

He said that old sewer lines gather water because of leaks and that water also leaks in around manholes.

Rowlinson said the sewage treatment plant staff will start inspecting homes and businesses for storm drainage systems that are illegally connected to the sanitary system.

"The village is not interested in fines; they are interested in getting these systems disconnected," he said. "The plant is not designed to treat the excess."

Rowlinson said the danger is that too much fluid in the system means waste does not get adequately treated before it is discharged.

Silver Creek Mayor Kurt Lindstrom thanked Rowlinson for studying the system and confirmed that the study of homes and businesses that may be violating the connections will continue.

In other matters, the board passed two local laws following public hearings.

One law will make it illegal to use or store equipment such as basketball hoops, skateboard ramps and other recreational equipment on the streets or rights of way. The law also allows police to write appearance tickets for Village court.

The second law prohibits vehicles standing on the south side of Buffalo Street from Oak to Hanover streets.

Both laws take effect immediately.

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