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A Short Story: The Red Thread

Note: Waverly Tan Colville, 12, is a seventh-grader at Orchard Park Middle School. She says: "I was inspired to write this story because I was adopted from China and sometimes wondered if I had any biological siblings."

Scarlett closed her eyes and took in the salty sea air. This was the last time she would ever see the beautiful Atlantic sunrise. Her family was moving, whether she liked it or not.

If they had to move, she hoped something exciting could happen in Houston.

Even though she loved the ocean, she somehow knew that her work here was done and more adventure was waiting for her somewhere else. Tears welled into her eyes as she ran home, feeling the warm sand between her toes and hearing the last of the seagulls slowly disappearing into the sky.
"Scarlett!! We're leaving soon! Hurry and finish your packing!" said her mother the next morning. Scarlett slowly rolled out of her sleeping bag as her mother reminded her for the 100th time that they were moving today, leaving Charleston, S.C., and heading to Houston, Texas. Scarlett packed her sleeping bag and brought it downstairs for the movers to put into the truck. She thought about saying one last goodbye to her best friends Violet and Azure, but knew her mother would say she could just call them when they got to Houston. She got in the car, and drove away, not bothering to look back.
At that same time, on the other side of the country, Crimson Peterson was also getting ready to go to Houston.
"Crimson Avery Peterson! We're going to miss our flight!" shouted Crimson's mom.
"I'm coming!" Crimson shouted back, annoyed.
Crimson and her family were vacationing in Houston to visit relatives. She pulled down her suitcase and loaded it into the car. They drove to the airport, boarded their plane and soon enough were on their way to Houston.
Later that day when Scarlett finally arrived at their new house, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and opened the door. She looked inside. It was nice, but different. She pulled her suitcase upstairs to her new room and started unpacking. She didn't get very far because she was so tired from traveling all day, she fell asleep.

When Crimson got off the plane, she was greeted by relatives she hadn't seen in 12 years. "Crimson, you've grown into a beautiful young lady," said her Aunt Kaylee.

"Yes, she's gotten so big since the last time we saw her," said Uncle William.

"She is 14 now. She's starting high school this year," said her mother.

Crimson smiled. She repeated the same conversation which felt like 10 times with her Aunt Taylor and her husband Uncle Charles, Aunt Lizzie, Hannah, Kylie, and Uncle Jacob. Crimson was very overwhelmed but luckily, they were off to their hotel in no time.
The next day, Scarlett's mother woke her up by coming into her room and saying, "Scarlett? Are you up? I thought we might unpack a little more and then do a little exploring to get familiar with the area so hurry up and start unpacking!"
After Scarlett did a little unpacking, they headed out exploring. They went into Scarlett's favorite store, Juicy Couture.

Meanwhile, Crimson arrived at the same store a few minutes later. Crimson found a top that she liked. As she was walking backwards and about to turn around, the two girls collided.
"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Crimson exclaimed.
"Watch where I'm going? You're the one who was walking backwards!" Scarlett shot back.
"Crimson, what is going on here?" asked Crimson's mother.
"Nothing. Just this girl ran into me," Crimson said rudely.
"Hey, what's up?" asked Scarlett's mother.
"Nothing. Just this girl and I bumped into each other," said Scarlett quietly.

All of a sudden, something clicked. "Is that you, Diane?" asked Scarlett's mother.
"Natalie? Is that you?" asked Crimson's mother.
"Yes! I can't believe after all these years we would run into each other. This is Scarlett," she said happily. "Scarlett, this is Crimson. She was in your adoption group from China. We met Crimson's parents on the trip," she said.
"Hi," Crimson and Scarlett said at the same time.
"Oh, we must catch up on all the years we missed. Want to have lunch with us?" asked Crimson's mom excitedly.
"Sure!" said Scarlett's mother.

The foursome had lunch in the food court as they discussed the past 14 years. Crimson and Scarlett looked alike, but their attitudes were different. Crimson was very outspoken. Scarlett was not as talkative but a very loyal friend who could make you feel great about yourself when you're having a bad day. Crimson grew up in San Francisco; Scarlett grew up in Charleston, S.C.. Both girls loved to read, shop and hang out with friends.

By this time, both girls had become friends. They would hang out together and talk for a long time. One day, Crimson was helping Scarlett unpack when they picked up a book called, "The Red Thread." They were curious, so they sat down and read the book together. It was about the old Chinese legend of how an invisible red thread is connected to people who are destined to meet. On the last page of the book was a picture of two girls side by side.

It hit Scarlett and Crimson like a lightning bolt. Seeing that picture, they knew they were sisters. They didn't need a DNA test or the orphanage where they came from to tell them that they were sisters, twins in fact. Sitting there, looking at each other, they knew the whole truth. They knew their birth mother loved them but couldn't keep them so she put them in the best hands possible. Each other's.
The red thread connected them and waited for 14 years until they met again. Crimson and Scarlett were finally together, and the red thread had worked its magic.

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