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Crash Survivor Has Quite a Story to Tell

As of today, the only broadcast interview that Karen Wielinski has given since she and her daughter Jill miraculously survived the crash of Flight 3407 into their Clarence home was to a radio reporter with family ties.

WBEN's Barbara Burns did an emotional interview with Karen, whose husband Doug Wielinski was also in the house and died in the crash.

"My sister's husband is Doug's brother," explained Burns. The hard-working reporter said that she didn't call Karen. Doug's widow called Burns "to tell people that she and Jill were doing okay," said Burns.

Karen also described to Burns in detail how she was able to escape the house after the plane had destroyed it.

Portions of the interview aired on network news programs last Friday. CBS News is among the national networks that has tried to get in contact with Karen Wielinski. She certainly has an incredible story of survival to tell if and when she decides to go on national television to do it.

I thought Burns asked  her questions with great sensitivity and did a terrific job. What did you think of Burns' interview and Karen Wielinski's story?

-- Alan Pergament 

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