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It seems to us . . . Sorrow prevails, melting down, Cabinet-stacking and going postal

BROKEN HEARTS: Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day of love. But today in Buffalo is a day of loves lost, and hearts broken, for too many.

Our hearts go out to all who lost loved ones in Thursday's tragic airliner crash, and to the Clarence Center family whose lives were shattered when Flight 3407 came down. And we wish you this, for the days ahead when time does, somehow, dull the pain -- may you find comfort in loves remembered.


PLANNED FAILURE?: We understand the need to get toxic debts off banks' books to restart credit flow, but we're not sure why anyone would want to join the feds in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's planned public-private "bad bank" to buy those likely losers. But, hey, that's why we're just scribes.

It does sort of raise another question, though. What happens if "bad banks" fail? Good things?

Maybe we should get some of the Wall Street geniuses who ran their own companies into the ground and put them in charge of this thing. If they fail again, and this time it helps us, maybe they'd actually deserve bonuses.


NOT SO UNPRECEDENTED: In his first press conference, a stern President Obama reminded journalists that he is the bipartisan guy in Washington, and included three Republicans in his Cabinet, which he said "is unprecedented."

We're not so sure. If memory serves, President George W. Bush had at least three Republicans in his Cabinet, too.


SHORTCUTS: Let's get this straight -- letter carriers are supposed to cut through front-lawn snow drifts instead of using sidewalks to get to stops on their routes? And slogging through the deeper snow is supposed to save time?

How about a short cut through common sense, for the bureaucracy that suspended a local carrier for such a "transgression" recently?

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