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Channel 4's Crash Coverage is Tops

Channel 4 had the best interviews and the best pictures Thursday night in covering the crash of Flight 3407 in which 49 people died.

The interview that reporter Lisa Flynn did with Chris Kausner, whose sister, Ellyce, was on the plane, was especially poignant.

However, Channel 4 also had some of the worst speculation -- erroneously reporting that no one in the house where the plane crashed was injured and that there were unofficial reports that the plane had mechanical problems.

Channel 7's Keith Radford, who is an aviation expert, used his expertise well during the night. Channel 2's coverage, which relied heavily on eyewitness accounts, was the most disappointing Thursday.

However, Channel 2 tried to recover this morning by staying on to cover the story far longer than its competitors.

What did you think of the TV coverage of the tragedy? Do you agree with Channel 2's decision to stay on longer than its competitors or do you want it to go back to regular programming until there is significant news to report?

-- Alan Pergament

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