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Trivia Quiz

1. Was Aesop of fable fame Roman or Greek?

2. Name either of the two major rivers that are on the borders of Missouri.

3. Is ale a kind of beer?

4. What is the principal color of bloodstone?

5. Clare Booth Luce served as a U.S. ambassador to what country in Europe?

6. Is parcel post second-, third- or fourth-class mail?

7. The greatest odds in poker are for a royal flush -- chances of getting such a hand are about one out of two-thirds of a million. What is the next most difficult hand to draw?

8. What is hyperbole?

9. Complete this expression: "As guilty as ..."

10. "Polder" refers to what kind of land?


1. Greek.

2. Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.

3. Yes. Ale is paler than other beers because the malt has not been roasted burnt. Also, ale is lighter in color than other beers and has less hops and a higher content of alcohol.

4. Green. The bloodstone is flecked with red.

5. Italy.

6. Fourth-class.

7. A straight flush. Odds against drawing such a hand are more than 72,000 to one.

8. Exaggeration done for effect, such as "I've said that a million times."

9. "Sin."

10. Land which is low-lying and has been reclaimed from a sea, lake or river.

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