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Money talk, home edition

Hobo Are we having a recession yet?

I don't know about your house, but in ours every spare hour seems to be devoted to talking about how to make our money go farther, how to make ends meet, how to pay for college (starting three years from now). And it doesn't help our morale when Forbes magazine tells us how miserable we are. Or a friend from out of town, a Buffalo expatriate, e-mails me to suggest that the national recession is making the rest of the country more like Western New York. That was not meant as a compliment.

My co-blogger and I also have different notions about whether to discuss financial worries in front of our children. She's more for open dialogue; I'm for keeping things private.

In retrospect, I realize that my own parents shielded my brothers and me from much of their financial stresses during the 1970s days of malaise. I appreciate that now more than I ever could then.

How does this play out in your house? Are your children exposed to your recession-fueled stress, or are they kept in the dark about it?


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