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The answers for the Quote-Acrostic puzzle that appeared in the comics section Sunday were incorrect. Here are the correct answers:

Today's QUOTE-ACROSTIC answer: (Marcia) BARTUSIAK: BEYOND EINSTEIN: Astronomers have found some strange objects in this expanding universe. One, a neutron star just a dozen miles wide, whose density would be equivalent to packing all the cars in the world into a thimble.

A. Bereft

B. Azimov

C. Raspier

D. Tess

E. Undergrowth

F. Swine

G. Injunctions

H. Amass

I. Knavish

J. Banal

K. Eden

L. Yellow jaundice

M. Osteopath

N. Noggin

O. Dirndl

P. Extenuate

Q. Illness

R. Notate

S. Smooth

T. Thou

U. Equivocates

V. Imbed

W. Netherworld

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