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Speed the plow ... And make it snappy!

    I'll admit that my approach to snow removal is different from most, having learned long ago that no matter how much we get, it will all be gone by May, June at the absolute latest. So I shovel only as much as I absolutely have to.

   Apparently some of you are a little more unhappy and stressed about it, and take out your frustration on your town highway department  and the plows that put snow back in the spot you just shoveled.

   To those of you who have actually picked up the phone to swear at someone in your town hall about this, do you wish in retrospect that you didn't do it? Or are you glad that you were able to get a little seasonal frustration off your chest?

   By the way, I saw some neighbors out shoveling their driveway and/or chopping ice in the past couple of days. Others didn't bother. By Wednesday, when the mercury hits 60, we're all going to have exactly the same amount of snow in our driveways.

   --- Bruce Andriatch

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