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What's A-Roid's legacy now?

So there we have it with sudden, shocking swiftness. Alex Rodriguez admits to using steroids while with the Texas Rangers from 2001-2003 but says he's been clean since he joined the Yankees in '04. Things are already a circus around the Yankees on a daily basis but just imagine what it will be like when A-Fraud shows up in Tampa next week -- or at every visiting ballpark all season.

If A-Roid hits 800 or 900 career home runs, is he dust for Cooperstown just like Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro? Or does his quick admission -- albeit after his 2007 denial to Katie Couric -- give him a little more wiggle room in your eyes if you were a voter?

---Mike Harrington

(UPDATE: Thanks to Budd Bailey for the link: Here's a look back at the A-Rod/Katie chat)

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